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  1. Manonthestreet

    AAAAND Sweden was right,

    Total COvid approach has been vindicated with the exception of how to protect people in long term care facilities. 90% of their deaths are people 70 and up. Theirs and Iceland's experience also shows schools can be open. Heard a stat, US deaths from wuhan 34 and under is under 1000...
  2. Manonthestreet

    Uncle Toms Begging for Police Protection

    My god dont they know black lives matter...........
  3. Manonthestreet

    Well this is funny

    BLM burns down the city cause George Floyd......we dont need no police, city jumps on board and gets it passed and suddenly thats bad........I say dont get cold feet now we are all itching to see this grand experiment blow up in your face so please dont disappoint...
  4. Manonthestreet


    Remember the full court press to discredit it so you can instead shell out thousands for the new untried wonder drug...... Now dont be a science denier...
  5. Manonthestreet

    NAFTA is Kaput.

    “The recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic demonstrates that now, more than ever, the United States must stop the outsourcing of jobs and increase our manufacturing capacity and investment here at home. With the USMCA’s entry into force, we take another giant step forward in reaching this goal...
  6. Manonthestreet

    Facebook Standards

    People have no shame these days. Tell the most childish lies about the "danger" of Trumps posts but terrorists roam free all over their platform......
  7. Manonthestreet

    How big will the unemployment be when econ re-opens?

    Almost 13,000 restaurants alone are permanently closed and counting due to this charade that we are "saving lives". Ripple effect from that alone will be substantial. Good luck trying to get a loan for "non-essential" business once things get close to "normal"...
  8. Manonthestreet

    No Peace no service

    Restaurant chain is told by MPLS to educate their staff on the dangers of the new MPLS.......their response ...SEEYABYE......... According to the parent company, the...
  9. Manonthestreet

    This is Where it started

    Blatant false criminal allegations to get rid of someone they hated. This is genesis of the Kavanaugh charade and unless we start making them do hard time its never going to end.
  10. Manonthestreet

    Protesting for the right to steal

    Poor woke Target dumps a buttload of money on BLM and this is the thanks they get. You will let us rob you blind or we will shut you down....and the dumbass protesters dont understand massive theft will shut them down anyway. I like Target over Walmart but their demise wont affect me one bit...
  11. Manonthestreet

    I see nooses everywhere it

    If at first you dont succeed, noose, noose again,.Are there any adults on the left?
  12. Manonthestreet

    MPLS Reaping a Harvest of Violence

    In a press conference yesterday, Minneapolis’s Zoolander-like Mayor Jacob Frey, described what the city’s police officers are encountering when they respond to 911 calls. From
  13. Manonthestreet

    Mass Shooting in Heart of MPLS Riot zone

    Multiple shooters 12 shot 1 dead. No description of perps.....mustn't offend.
  14. Manonthestreet

    Belmont 2020

    Love The Triple Crown races. Must See like The Masters or World Series. Didnt know they were running it today.
  15. Manonthestreet

    MN Twins Disown their Founder

    for an un-pc comment. Guess its time to drag out the record books and start xxxxing out any 'racists and Hall of Famers too.Lets not limit it to whitey either....fair play and all ya know
  16. Manonthestreet


    Elect your first black Mayor get more Black shootings......they've already killed more blacks locally than unarmed blacks killed by police nationally
  17. Manonthestreet

    Suddenly its not a Party anymore

    when the mob targets the "wrong" house. How dare they. Dont they know who she is? too bad they didnt burn it down...
  18. Manonthestreet


    There is now a Blue Lives Matter car to take on the Black Lives Matter car, let the fun begin.
  19. Manonthestreet

    No service for cities with No Police

    SO say the Long Hauler Truckers. Cause and effect. Cries of racism will avail you nothing.
  20. Manonthestreet

    IF you're Black you get free healthcare??? Anyone see a prob with this....class...?????
  21. Manonthestreet

    76 yrs Ago

    Seems this had been shunted aside Their stories seldom heard anymore. Doubt the current generation knows much about them at all, sacrifices made both in battle and on the Homefront. Meanwhile darkness creeps its way back on stage.
  22. Manonthestreet

    Dont be Like George FLoyd

    When all is said and done, is that not one of the most important messages to impart to young people?
  23. Manonthestreet

    The other three MPLS cops on Scene of FLoyd arrest

    2 were on the force less than a week. Not a strong position from which to challenge a senior officer. One tried to tell him he shouldn't be doing that and the other asked a couple of times if they should roll him over. Convicting them I think is going to be tough...
  24. Manonthestreet

    And now the rest of the Story

    on the tanker driver who "attacked" the crowd on the bridge Hope they charge em all with assault
  25. Manonthestreet

    Covid shut down may shut down YRC

    One of largest LTL carriers has quit paying their health insurance. Heard it thru the grapevine, then bumped into one of their drivers who used to be a customers lead dockman. They can still use it for now. According to him they are waiting on some sort of govt covid cash. YRCW Teamsters members...
  26. Manonthestreet

    Catholics and Lutherans Opening in MN

    Non-profit, non-partisan law firm Becket is announcing Wednesday that Minnesota Catholics and Lutherans have told Gov. Tim Walz they’ll be reopening May 26, even though churches aren’t included on the list which does include shopping malls, casinos, tattoo parlors, liquor stores, salons, etc...
  27. Manonthestreet

    The Wuhan origin was not Wet markets

    The Mail on Sunday can reveal that analysis of the coronavirus by specialist biologists suggests that all available data shows it was taken into the market by someone already carrying the disease. They also say they were ‘surprised’ to find the virus was ‘already pre-adapted to human...
  28. Manonthestreet

    Retail sales Plummet 20%

    This April's retail sales are down 21.6% compared to April 2019. US stocks traded lower following the dire news. The seasonally adjusted total dollar amount spent on goods dropped back to a level not seen since 2013. US retail sales collapse to record low in April Of course the experts were...
  29. Manonthestreet

    Escalating and Permanent Damage to The economy

    How close are we to this? Question I posed to one of my customers. He is a small businessman whose family has launched and sold 2 popular retail hair care product lines many would recognize with decades of experience navigating the ups and downs of the economy. Currently concentrating on Salon...
  30. Manonthestreet

    Beaches for me but not for thee

    for you are unclean virus spreaders and I know whats best for you.

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