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  1. OriginalShroom

    Knee-deep in blood: We are all being held hostage by Wayne LaPierre’s children

    Amendment II A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. Learn it, live it , love it.
  2. OriginalShroom

    So, why do I find myself on the side of the Democrats, against many of the Republicans, and obama?

    Considering how much of the "agreement" is still secret and we, the American people, are not allowed to know what is in it makes it untenable for me. Once again the Democrats did the right thing, killed it, but for the wrong reasons.
  3. OriginalShroom

    "Bitch Boy" a Democrat State legislator

    The woman who brought down Anthony "Carlos Danger" Weiner is about to bring down another deviant Democrat.. This guy wanted to be on the receiving end of strap-on, forced to watch her have sex with another guy, and clean her house while dressed like a French Maid. Sydney Leather's only...
  4. OriginalShroom

    Another example of the "Peaceful" Left Wingers in America.

    Those on the left love to proclaim how they abhor violence and simple want to "Give Peace a Chance". How tolerant they are of other people. How they respect life (Except for the lives of the unborn that is)... Then they show their true colors... Death Threats Against the Koch Brothers They...
  5. OriginalShroom

    Obama's destruction of Immigration law Time line. 200 different instances.

    Sen Jeff Sessions puts together the time line of how Obama has been "Fundamentally Transforming America" scary how long he's been at it and how successful he's been.
  6. OriginalShroom

    U.N. Official.. Now is the time to destroy Capitalism.

    This is exactly why we should rarely, if ever, support any of these programs that come from the U.N. They simply want to destroy us. Remember, Obama said he wanted to "Fundamentally Transform" America. He didn't say how. He wants to destroy our way of life.
  7. OriginalShroom

    Federal Judge Strikes Down Interstate Handgun Transfer Ban

    Actually I have always loved Judges that upheld the Constitution, as it is written, not as they hoped it was.
  8. OriginalShroom

    Federal Judge Strikes Down Interstate Handgun Transfer Ban

    And now for the crying, wailing, and the gnashing of teeth by Liberals, Gun grabbers, and Moms against Guns. Holder lost another one.
  9. OriginalShroom

    Breaking: Three Muslim Students Murdered at Chapel Hill

    He didn't use an "Assualt Rifle"... he used a .38 Craig Hicks Chapel Hill Shooting Suspect Reportedly Shared Atheist Beliefs On Facebook Craig Stephen Hicks, 46, was charged on Wednesday with murdering three members of a Muslim family in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The motivation for the...
  10. OriginalShroom

    Confessions of a Public Defender (Race and Crime)

    I would love a real discussion on this article.
  11. OriginalShroom

    Thugs die, Obama and Holder can't send enough. Cops die, they send Biden.

    I would guess that you don't know that police fall under the AG, not under the VP.
  12. OriginalShroom

    Jeb Bush Threatens Dems' Hold on Hispanic Vote

    I simply won't vote for Jeb in the primaries. I will if he is the nominee.. As bad has he is, he is better than any Democrat.
  13. OriginalShroom

    Thugs die, Obama and Holder can't send enough. Cops die, they send Biden.

    How many cops died because of what he or those in his Administration said about them?
  14. OriginalShroom

    Thugs die, Obama and Holder can't send enough. Cops die, they send Biden.

    Leave it to the Left to try to make this thread about guns instead of the piss poor leadership in the Executive Branch.
  15. OriginalShroom

    Thugs die, Obama and Holder can't send enough. Cops die, they send Biden.

    Unbelievable. Sending the National Joke, Joe Biden, to represent the Administration at funeral of one of the two police who was assassinated thanks to the rhetoric of the Mayor of New York and Obama and Holder. Honestly, they ought to bar the door and not allow Biden in.
  16. OriginalShroom

    Illegal immigration up, deportations down in 2014: DHS

    So much for the lie that Obama is deporting illegals. By the way, Obama is still counting those sent back at the border as being deported.. Something never counted before.
  17. OriginalShroom

    Why are so many older Americans still fighting the cold war?

    Because Communism still exists and still an evil blight upon this world.
  18. OriginalShroom

    Early Childhood Education

    I know quite a few of the women who work in EEC. Got news for the OP. IF it weren't for these women and the love and care they give these children for the first 6 years of their lives, most wouldn't be able to pass that test the "Pediatricians" the OP knows are talking about. A lot of...
  19. OriginalShroom


    To the left and many, many, many Blacks, Blacks can't be racists or guilty of race based hate crimes. Remember when Obama and Holder first took office, the first thing they did was drop race crime charges against New Black Panther members and then announce that no minority could be guilty of...
  20. OriginalShroom

    Washington State's new "Gun" Law includeds Flare Guns and Nail Guns.

    This is just how well the Anti-gunners thought about what they were doing when they accepted Bloomberg's money and bill and pushed it through the Washington State Election. Anyone who sells 12-gauge flare guns will have to do a background check. Nail Guns fall under that definition. Even the...
  21. OriginalShroom

    Do We Really Need Guns?

    Guns Save Lives - Stories of Self Defense
  22. OriginalShroom

    The Logistics of Deporting 11,000,000 please.

    Let them self deport, which they will do as soon as they are told no more jobs, medical treatment, welfare, or schooling. Molon Labe
  23. OriginalShroom


    Brown was a thug who died a thug's death. Molon Labe
  24. OriginalShroom

    Just in: Darren Wilson will not be indicted

    Ready for the cities to burn? Molon Labe
  25. OriginalShroom


    Here come the riots Molon Labe
  26. OriginalShroom

    Illegals can stay even if Drug dealers, Sexual abusers, Gun Offenders, Domestic Violence.

    And exactly how many Terrorists have Obama caught and deported??? Actually any Terrorists caught should be tried and imprisoned, not deported. Yet how many of these illegals here have killed and maimed Citizens because of their Driving while under the influence? How many Illegals here have...
  27. OriginalShroom

    Illegals can stay even if Drug dealers, Sexual abusers, Gun Offenders, Domestic Violence.

    Oh Boy... The list of crimes that illegals can be guilty of and NOT be deported for is simply amazing..
  28. OriginalShroom

    Immigration & Politics

    I love how Seawytch continues to spread the lie that Obama is deporting more people... When the numbers she uses included people refused entry at the border.. something never counted before. Then they don't look at how many illegals Obama has allowed to stay or those who have come here...

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