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  1. Dont Taz Me Bro

    L.A. Bureaucrats Shut Down Restaurants for Selling Groceries Without a Permit

    Did you hear that? You can't just decide to sell groceries in a country built on the idea of free enterprise and entrepreneurship. Oh, and never mind the fact that in recent weeks finding a fully stocked grocery store is like spotting a unicorn. This is the problem with too much government...
  2. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Pelosi Wants Tax Cuts for the Rich

    Eliminating the $10,000 cap on SALT deduction benefits upper income and wealthy individuals, while ultimately passing that tax burden onto the middle class and lower income individuals. My how times have changed.
  3. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Nancy Pelosi urged people to congregate in Chinatown in late February

    Pelosi has been criticizing the president nonstop since the beginning of the pandemic and she may have some justification about he handled this early on, however, she wasn't taking it too seriously herself. The problem with politicians is that they're hypocrites. Speaker of the House Nancy...
  4. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Beijing Fears COVID-19 Is Turning Point for China, Globalization

    And the media continues to spread China's propaganda. I would say that's surprising, but it's not. If China is not taken to the woodshed over this once this is all over the western world should revolt against their elected officials "The reality is that China did not tell its own people about...
  5. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Walmart Helping Out Our First Responders

    My brother is a Las Vegas cop and got notified yesterday that one of the Walmart's in the city were opening their doors to all first responders for an hour after they close while they restock the store so they and their families can get in and do some shopping. I'm not a big fan of Walmart as a...
  6. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Ilhan Omar praises Trump's 'incredible' response to coronavirus pandemic

    She must have caught the virus and the fever is affecting her brain Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar unexpectedly praised President Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic on Wednesday night, saying it was "incredible and the right response in this critical time." Omar, normally a...
  7. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) Thread

    Some positive news amidst all the gray clouds Topline: President Trump said in a Thursday press briefing that chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, drugs used to treat malaria and severe arthritis, were approved by the Food and Drug Administration to test as a COVID-19 coronavirus treatment, as...
  8. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Las Vegas Strip

    This is what the Las Vegas Strip looks like right now. Not a soul in sight. Normally there would be a thousand people walking around in that picture and bustling traffic. Now, it looks like an apocalyptic movie.
  9. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Drinking bleach will not prevent coronavirus, poison control center warns

    Stop warning people about stuff like this and let natural selection do its thing. The world will be a better place for it.
  10. Dont Taz Me Bro

    AP FACT CHECK: Democrats distort coronavirus readiness

    There is misinformation all the way around. This is not a political issue and the attempts to turn it into one by some politicians, their acolytes in the media, and their partisan followers are desperate and pathetic WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic presidential contenders are describing the...
  11. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Remember When the Left was Gaga Over Avenatti

    He was supposed to be their great white hope to take down Trump Free Beacon on Twitter
  12. Dont Taz Me Bro

    America's Most and Least Popular Governors

    The top 13 most popular are Republicans. Seven out of the eight least popular are Democrats. America’s Most and Least Popular Governors
  13. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Ran a 7 Minute Mile Yesterday Morning

    My wife got me to start going to Orange Theory with her about a year ago. At first I was reluctant because I thought it was really more of a thing for stay at home housewives in yoga pants, but it was no joke. I swear I was about to collapse after the first class and bear in mind I used to be...
  14. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Iran has 'fleet of killer dolphins trained to blow up ships in suicide attacks'

    All I ask for are frickin sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their frickin heads. Iran has 'fleet of killer dolphins trained to blow up ships in suicide attacks'
  15. Dont Taz Me Bro

    It's Embarrassing How Easily Manipulated the Public Is

    People wonder how men like Hitler could get elected to office or people could be corralled into supporting (at least in the beginning) mad men like Che Guevera, Fidel Castro, or Ruhollah Khomeini, but it's not hard to understand when you look at the mass hysteria bubbling up all over social...
  16. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Republicans agree to massive spending bill, despite record deficits

    When will Republicans and conservatives finally admit that they don't give a damn about fiscal responsibility? The debt is rising at a faster rate under Trump than it did under Obama and was with the GOP controlling both houses of Congress during Trump's first two years. They still control the...
  17. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Deficit spikes 12 percent in first two months of fiscal year: CBO

    Remember when the Republican Party opposed massive debt spending and then Trump got elected and they forgot all about it?
  18. Dont Taz Me Bro

    London Underground introduces First Class carriages

    Hell yeah, next time I'm in London this is how I'm riding the Tube Oh boo hoo hoo. Poor riff-raff
  19. Dont Taz Me Bro

    China’s latest tactic: Call America racist

    Looks like China has been learning from the Democrats Of all the angry responses to President Trump’s decision to sign bills supporting the Hong Kong protest movement, the oddest one of all is an online campaign to label America as racist. It’s coming straight from China’s Ministry of Foreign...
  20. Dont Taz Me Bro

    California Dems in Red Districts Not Polling Well

    I recently heard a claim by a political pundit about T.J. Cox, who picked up the 21st Congressional District in California by defeating incumbent Republican David Valadao, doing poorly in recent polling. Turns out it was correct. A July poll showed Cox losing by 16 points to Valadao in a...
  21. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Centuries of inbreeding among European royals responsible for famous facial deformities

    This must explain Prince Charles
  22. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Posting Guidelines Have Been Updated

    To further clarify sourcing requirements, the following language has been added to the Rules and Posting Guidelines thread When starting a new thread and declaring something as fact in your opening post, you must also link to a source. For example, "Polls say 2/3 of people think x, y, z." You...
  23. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Instagram influencer recommends sunning your butthole

    In case you're bored and looking for something to do with your time........
  24. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Obama privately said he would speak up to stop Sanders

    Because Obama is smart enough to know that Sanders is a guaranteed reelection for Trump Obama privately said he would speak up to stop Sanders: report
  25. Dont Taz Me Bro

    'Priceless' 18th-century jewellery stolen in Dresden palace heist

    Wow. This is some Ocean's Eleven shit right here 'Priceless' 18th-century jewellery stolen in Dresden palace heist
  26. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Las Vegas police shoot man accused of attacking officers at McCarran International Airport

    We've been in Vegas almost seven years now and I swear it's slowly getting worse here, but I guess that's the natural evolution of a growing city, unfortunately.
  27. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Myles Garrett accuses Mason Rudolph of using racial slur before brawl

    Jussie Smollett approves this message
  28. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Camel, Cow, Donkey Found Roaming Together Along Kansas Road

    A camel, cow, and a donkey walk into a bar..... GODDARD, KAN. (AP) — Authorities have found the owners of a camel, cow and donkey that were spotted roaming together along a Kansas road in a grouping reminiscent of a Christmas Nativity scene. Police in Goddard had asked for help over the...
  29. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Republican Senators Are Losing the Fundraising Battle

    Republican Senators up for reelection in 2020 are trailing their democratic competitors in fundraising and are also underwater in their approval ratings. The Trump affect is in full swing. He's dragging them down along with his own sinking ship. Trump devotees will, of course, ignore these...
  30. Dont Taz Me Bro

    Most Americans Now Have an Unfavorable View of the Democratic Party, A Flip From 2018

    The Democrats now join the Republicans with a 52% unfavorable rating from the American people, with both parties receiving a 45% favorable rating. For the Democrats, that's an eight point slide from the 2018 midterms when they held a 53% favorable rating. The Republicans gained two percentage...

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