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    trump's Corona Virus Bounce Fizzles

    President Trump is ahead of where Obama was at this point in his presidency. Given the coronavirus, bogus impeachment, Russian meddling claims and overall constant Liberal MSM lies it's amazing that Trump is ahead by 3 points. Barack Obama Approval For April 1st 2012 Approve: 46 Dissapprove: 45...
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    Can you count on "God?"

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    Sightings from Quarantine

    ^^^^ Winner winner chicken dinner!!!
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    McConnell: Impeachment Distracted Government From Wuhan Virus

    McConnell id 100% correct. The Democrats were not doing their jobs. They were fucking around with a bogus impeachment and wasting our tax dollars while Trump was banning flights and declaring public health emergencies. Every Democrat who ignored the coronavirus and diverted attention to...
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    This should scare the hell out of every America democrats promise to persecute Trump supporters and they mean it

    There you have it. Communists like JackOfNoTrades and his ilk want to remove the right to vote with those who have a different opinion. Democrats are looking like Nazis more and more every day.
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    Both parties are full of it.

    To make matters worse as of two days ago it was announced that the Kennedy Center will stop paying it's musicians. 25 mil well spent. Thanks Nancy.
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    A word to the wise

    Obama needs to tell his party to stop effing around with fake impeachments and actually do the job they are supposed to do.
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    Top Democrats say party's convention may be canceled over coronavirus threat

    Cancelling the convention is the best thing that could happen for Democrats. Anything that gets senile Joe Biden out of the public until November helps them as long as the virus is running rampant, the economy is tanking and their voters remain ignorant.
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    Has Alyssa Milano gone after Biden for answers regarding the sexual assault allegations?

    The party of "diversity" voted for an old, senile, inside the beltway, hair-sniffing, white guy over minority candidates in their party. Democrats even voted for an old, communist, white man before voting for their minority candidates. Democrats do nothing but pay lip-service to minorities and...
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    Chinese Virus Mortality: 0.66%

    A CNN source quoting numbers out of China? What's wrong with this picture?
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    So why not shut everything down?

    I just had this conversation with my neighbor the other day. Unfortunately I don't think that directive is aimed at most law abiding citizens who want to do their part to flatten the curve. That's for the idiots who choose to ignore safety guidelines and put the rest of us at risk. This sucks...
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    He thinks they're tuning in to see him.

    TDS running rampant on this thread. LOL :auiqs.jpg::auiqs.jpg::auiqs.jpg:
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    Nancy Pelosi urged people to congregate in Chinatown in late February

    What flavor is the light blue La Croix?
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    Nancy Pelosi urged people to congregate in Chinatown in late February

    Trump was fighting the virus back in January while Democrats denied it was happening. That's a fact.
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    Creepy Joe Biden

    #IBelieveTara #UnendorseBiden #TimesUpBiden
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    History's verdict on Trump will be devastating

    The OP uses a CNN story to back up his claim. LOL!!!
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    Trump vs. Cuomo

    Trump is working hard to solve the problem while trying to keep the economy afloat. Cuomo is a finger pointing, grand-standing, whiny bitch who waited to long to address the problem.
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    GOP Senators Fear Coronavirus Cash Will Make Americans Lazy

    It's $1,200 AND extended unemployment benefits. The concern is valid. But if the bill was written properly any extended benefits would be temporary to help Americans get through the immediate crisis.
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    Of Course Trump Wants His Name On Checks

    Irrelevant. Without his final signature the check don't go out. Seriously, anyone receiving a check who has an issue with Trump's name on it don't cash it. Or better yet, endorse it to a local business.
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    Of Course Trump Wants His Name On Checks

    Are you getting a check?
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    Of Course Trump Wants His Name On Checks

    My boss' signature is on my checks. Always has been. Trump signed the bill. He's the boss. Having his signature on the check is an accurate representation of what happened. What's the issue? If you hate Trump then don't cash the check.
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    The Wuhan Virus Has Exposed Modern Americans’ Disconnect from Reality

    Now that we've quarantined, sheltered in place and social distanced that data isn't relevant. We'll never know how many more would have died if we had not done this.
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    The Wuhan Virus Has Exposed Modern Americans’ Disconnect from Reality

    My job has me do work for local hospitals in my area. This virus is every bit as advertised. Not sure what the OP's point is. Hospitals are working overtime even in the non-hot spots. If not for shutting everything down and social distancing many more would die than did with H1N1 and SARs.
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    Pelosi not invited to Stimulus Bill signing

    Why would the president invite the woman that tried to hijack the bill with non-COVID-19 Liberal agenda items and just a month ago lead a process based on lies to impeach him. Seriously, what planet do you live on? Until Pelosi can prove not to be a lying partisan hack consumed with power she...
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    Biden is a bumbling old fool...

    The other option was an old white communist. To that point, the old white communist beat out the minorities in the Democratic party. lol
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    POLL: Open the economy up and go back to work - Stay home and shutdown

    If the answer to that question was only that easy...
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    Pew: Trump Approval Highest in 3 Years

    As November approaches, Trump and his team need to remind Americans while the virus was spreading throughout the world, Trump was declaring emergencies and putting travel bans in place. During that same time Democrats were conducting a bogus impeachment trial and calling Trump a racist and...
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    Public Notice from Sunni Man

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