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    Save the date: “Trans Day of Vengeance” March 31-April 1st

    Humans have a long history of being unstable and violent.
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    Transgender Thugs Who Pose With Guns Should Be Considered A Terroristic Threat

    Anyone willing to get off there political party propaganda soap box and look around at what is happing with young people in America?
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    I'm the most right winger on here, from idaho, no doubt ... and Biden will be the next president

    Show me a perfect person? There are none, Trying to pick a better person based on what political party they belong? Just insane. But still, that's how we do it.
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    Dems intend to remove 2A by using school shootings

    We seem more concerned about winning points than working on why we are having such a problem keeping the dead school kids body count down.
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    Have Dems moved far left or have the Reps moved far right?

    So far 8 pages of "I hate you: Your wrong, I am always right YOUR tv station lies, NO your tv station lies.
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    Getting cancelled by Trump supporters

    Not or ever all, but yes , many angry people filled with Nothing but Hate.
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    In the US today the one political party represents "CRAZY" and one party represents "NORMAL" (Poll)

    There is no NORMAL in AMERICA any more.
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    Do you support unions?

    Unions are like governments, get to much money and power, Then as the saying go's, Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
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    Should transgenders be allowed to own a gun?

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    Should transgenders be allowed to own a gun?

    I just got angry because three more little kids are dead. And there is no willingness here to even look at possible solutions. Everything seems based on political party's wants. Some how that seems very misguided.
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    Was the Nashville shooting a hate crime?

    We do, pro gun. anti gun nuts.
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    Why would conservatives vote for DeSantis?

    Well if nothing else works, you can do the usual insult someone's spelling or other personal negative.
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    Why would conservatives vote for DeSantis?

    Here is the problem I have this shows IMCOME TAX ONLY. what IS the share paid by the bottom 50% in state taxes, and taxes paid for retail.
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    Why would conservatives vote for DeSantis?

    Explain Traditional Family values in detail, see these words tossed around like salad. Doesn't each family have there own set of values? Are the values ever changing in most family's? We do support some, but sure don't support all the values practiced by older generations, With there limited...
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    Why would conservatives vote for DeSantis?

    Can only speak for my self, well known family and friends. NO ONE EVER has approached any of us or our children, in an effort to groom us. But one white male relative did in fact coheres a child into a sexual situation.
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    AG Garland deflects on if Nash shooting was hate crime

    If we are going to speculate, The mass amounts of hateful angry, negative talk spewed out daily BY an angry hate filled community that treats those who do not think or act like them, With total disrespect, unkindness & intolerance. We DO NOT HAVE TO CONDONE any ones behavior. But we don't have...
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    Can Joe’s record lead the Democrats to another win?

    Who knows, Half of your list is clearly incorrect, Chances that we will start electing intelligent honest people working for our nation as apposed to working for money, power or party is clearly nil. Maybe its never been that honest, now it is total insanity.
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    trump praises Putin and Xi at Waco rally

    I support people who are not one issue voters. There is nothing wrong with people who support a country's attempt to become a free Democratic nation. As opposed to being controlled by a nation ruled by a dictatorship. That opinion does not exempt them from being a Republican.
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    Why Gun Control Efforts do not Work

    Maybe its because of the two many gun laws, that we do not enforce, Instead of a few gun laws that make sense that we could enforce. Six people are dead THREE of them little childern. Hate caused reaction?
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    Nashville school shooter

    Wonder why that makes a difference too you? We are talking about THREE LITTLE DEAD CHILDERN., Any wonder why this extreme hate for people different from us Exploded. Maybe a cult of angry haters, instead of JESUS following Christians? THREE DEAD LITTLE CHILDERN. NOT about your obsession's with...
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    In the US today the one political party represents "CRAZY" and one party represents "NORMAL" (Poll)

    Except for calling people f-ing idiots, you are correct that the largest amount of Biden voters were voting for anyone but Trump.
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    If the left truly cares about the environment ....

    Paying attention to either political party's extremes has placed us right here in the middle of the biggest mess in my life time. Going down with the ship, because your not willing to share the life boat with any one who doesn't think the same way you do. That's just plain crazy.
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    Why would conservatives vote for DeSantis?

    What the heck is a normal parent?
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    Black Americans Have Never Had it As Good as They Have it Today

    One helpful thought would be for you to read a little more current American history. Start around the 1920s end up in the late 1940s. The picture will become clearer.
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    Zone1 How long before you think people will rise up against the government?

    Don't hate your government, Demand honesty. Working for the majority of the population, (us who are not multi millionaires famous or in congress) Do this by calling out ANY who work against us. NOT by political party. Only then will we have government by and for its people.
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    Trump's fans sent him $1.5 million in 3 days after he falsely predicted that he'd be arrested Tuesday

    Don't get it? Why is a billionaire asking people to pay his bills?
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    Stop Overthinking It: An Indictment Would Be Bad For Trump

    Not getting involved in Trump jail stuff, BUT am against those who are rich or famous getting preferential treatment by our courts. NO GOOD. All should be equal under the law.
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    What do you think about the United States Postal Service. Do you think it should be privatized?

    Wanting OUR postal service back as it was before De joy. No private USA postal service.
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    Zone1 Let's Talk About Socialist Talking Points Against Capitalism

    Always been 30 year loan, So people with lower incomes could buy a house. Then came a lot of tricky stuff, so those wanting the dream but not wise enough to see the trick lost there homes. Now MT of difficult paper work seems to be the norm. Good or bad ?
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    Jon Stewart Thinks He Made a Point

    Wasn't it Jon Stewart that went to the mat to protect military Vets???

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