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    Arithmetics - the node way

    //a possibility// Visual pattern recognition module (that which identifies patterns in an image) + Some basic node connections: 1x1 → 1 | 2x1 → 2 | ... | 9x1 → 9 1x2 → 2 | 2x2 → 4 | ... | 9x2 → 18 1x3 → 3 | 2x3 → 6 | ... | 9x3 → 27 1x4 → 4 | 2x4 → 8 | ... | 9x4 → 36 1x5 → 5 | 2x5 → 10 | ...
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    Could a corporation take humanity to other planets?

    But who owns Mars? The first enterprise who sets up a colony owns it? Maybe it's war first and business later.:meow:
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    Node data structure

    Node data structure (Lemme prime you a little bit: this is about the brain.) 1. Conceptual data Example: [Number space] 4 [Object space] leg animal [Attribute space] cute soft [Action space] move eat I think by now, most people...
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    Creation o Evolution.

    Try this: Warren Jeffs says, "If one's choice of lifestyle is such that it offends God, then they deem it more expedient to simply deny the existence of God and continue in their lifestyle." Is this the right way to convince others to believe in God?
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    Is science quite as scientific as it's supposed to be?

    I think the scientific method is the result of a series of logical steps like the one we use everyday. And in the case that God exists, I will not betray logic in search of God of logic, who created the world in an ordered manner instead of meaninglessly chaotic. If I'm to find him, I have to...
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    Help With My Chrome Browser

    Something similar happened here, though my tabs that disappeared end up in their separate windows, like when they are dragged.
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    The purpose of life

    No offense but... I think the logical purpose for intelligence is to not step into our own poo. :eusa_dance:
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    The purpose of life

    I will not try to disprove creation because there're just too many possibilities I will have to eliminate. But those many possibilities also implies that we have a lot of chance of being wrong about the grand purpose of our life. And If that pursuit of the grand purpose has caused so many...
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    The purpose of life

    Wanna correct this one: 3. Don’t they have a compassion system that when they say or think about someone been hurt, they “feel” the pain, too?
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    The purpose of life

    The purpose of life What’s the purpose of life? I worked all my life, raised a child, did this and did that, but what’s the point? does anything even matter? This is a big question. But before I attempt to answer, let me ask another one: why are we asking that question? First thing first, the...
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    Is science quite as scientific as it's supposed to be?

    I find the title "Is science quite as scientific as it's supposed to be?" misleading. The topic is about the error prone human factor in the pursuit of science.
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    Thou shalt not kill?

    I think there're rules that people come to agree that's best for all. Being killed is the single biggest threat in life everyone must defend from, no work around. We cannot live a productive life worrying about our lives all day, so I think that rule is sound. But not everyone obeys common...
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    Are Rocks Alive And Can Stones Die?

    I think they just changed their arrangement. When graphite is made into diamond, does the graphite dies?
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    Men are created, men are intelligent, men are...

    Men are created, men are intelligent, men are A.I. They are a very special kind of A.I., in that they do not receive commands from a central system like drones, nor do they follow a pre-determined set of directives. They are free, free do make decisions completely on their own. The holy...
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    The Nature of Belief

    I believe a horse has 4 legs. I think a horse has 4 legs. I remember a horse has 4 legs. What's the difference between beliefs and memory? what if they are the same thing? If I have never see a horse, nor read or been told about one, then I don't have a belief of how many legs it has. However...
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    There is a market for slacking

    Where are they covered? Or do you mean covered up? What you described make me think of the happily ever after ending. But maybe you're right, and I'm not sure about this slacking strategy myself.
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    There is a market for slacking

    Say that the companies reduce their cost by 25%, and sell products cheaper, but not greater than 25%. But the reduced cost is from reduced CAD specialists income, witch is 25%. Not just that, of the 10 specialists, 5 of them is without income and cannot spend much, the other 5 is exhausted so...
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    There is a market for slacking

    Inspired by such diligence, all other CAD specialists starts to work as hard. What took 10 CAD specialists to do each day, now take only 5. Soon the companies announce cut-off to save cost. 5 CAD specialist lose their job. In the end, the companies reduce their cost on CAD specialists by 25...
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    There is a market for slacking

    Say there are 10 CAD specialists who work for some companies around. It normally takes them 8 hours per day per person to finish the jobs. Now if the specialists start to work hard and make themselves work twice as fast as before, do they get a raise? No, because the demand for specialists is...
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    Taiwan politics

    Taiwanese may be welcoming a society where honest people have to tread carefully all their lives, trying not to make a mistake, while watching those dishonest people get away with all sort of wrong doing and can do nothing about it. That's pretty much like the society of China till today...
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    Should we care that smart women aren't having kids?

    I look in all directions and find no sign of human extinction. We're good, no worries. p.s. Why not blame the stupid ones for making too many?
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    Can traditional faiths fill moral void in China?

    I don't know. Were Chinese more moral in the Qing Dynasity? Were governors back then less corrupt? I guess teaching human right, nomocracy, democracy, balance of power, environmental protection... etc. doesn't sound any good to them. Ancient wisdom about how ordinary people, scholar-gentlemen...
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    Taiwan politics

    Since Japanese didn't really gave Taiwan to China in an official treaty after WW2, the most reasonable strategy for China to take over Taiwan is by non-military method, in hope that Taiwan will willingly or be forced to become part of China. Such can be achieved first by eliminating...
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    Thermodynamics of Economy?

    Thanks for the information. I may have gotten too literal in the first place. The idea of free market should probably be giving individuals enough room to optimize themselves. Not really perfectly comfortable, but each is reasonably comfortable himself. Forming a stability that probably also...
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    Corruption in China

    Having a looooooooong history of corruption helped, too.
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    Rising Asia

    There're still many disadvantages deep in the culture that can drag Chinese down. For example, authoritarianism can bring about quite some mess around even in private companies. Ma Ying-jeou thinks Taiwan is part of china and hence no emphasis on diplomacy needed.
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    Consciousness, awareness maybe not so complicated

    Probably no one will think that a calculator has a consciousness or it is aware of what it is doing. But imagine if a secondary circuitry is add alongside the arithmetic circuitry. This circuitry runs a different kind of process and takes input not only from the key input but also from the...
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    How NASA might build its very first warp drive

    Send something first that destroys anything ahead maybe? :dev3:
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    Jobless rate is worse than you think

    I was thinking about a pollution produced during production index stamped on products and a no workers over-worked or endangered certificate. Just wild thoughts. But your point about solving the demand for highly skilled workers is very interesting.
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    Thermodynamics of Economy?

    Let me put it this way, just for fun. A variable e := production efficient, is changed from a lower value to a higher, causing a closed economic system to shift into a equilibrium with high jobless rate. In order to bring the system to a new equilibrium with low jobless rate we can change e...

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