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  1. Dan Stubbs

    A member of the Discovery Chan killed.

    Well death is still in favor in Mexico, a Discovery Channel was shot in Mexico and the rest of the story is about the same as all murders are in Mexico and he was targeted. . The director of photography for Discovery Channel in Latin America was shot and killed in Acapulco, Guerrero, on...
  2. Dan Stubbs

    Mexico Citizens forced to take the Law in to their own hands.

    That is why the USA citizen prize the 2nd adm and a Militia without guns are a joke.
  3. Dan Stubbs

    Mexico says it disagrees with US Supreme Court order

    I would ask why a City in Mexico has form Vigilantism group of people to stop the Cartel crime that have killed many people in the City. Could he explain that.
  4. Dan Stubbs

    More MS 13 Violence...Liberals Support This

    I saw the speech and she refered to them as children playing on the street. You know just Kids living the good life. That was the lie.
  5. Dan Stubbs

    Rape Ridden Sanctuary County Gripes About Media Exposure

    Didn't even have to read the story and knew just who they were talking about. The City where the Mayor excepted a payoff on a book she wrote for kids. Sewage is dumped there from NY City.
  6. Dan Stubbs

    Mexico says it disagrees with US Supreme Court order

    Now that just breaks my heart. It is ok we have noticed that some of your Police are taking money to help illegals to get over the boarder. He should get his Nation in to shape first. I noticed Gas theft murder, rape, theft, drug transportation, is out of control. Fix it and we can talk...
  7. Dan Stubbs

    Learned something today

    I tried about a year ago with a guys last name, and got a hit almost like yours. Strange that words with no meaning make a hit list change it. Just wait when Microsoft AL writing becomes online.
  8. Dan Stubbs

    I'm taking a stand against political correctness in my writing group...

    Seems you are being repressed in your writing, after all it is the same as speech
  9. Dan Stubbs

    Leftists are dangerous because they don't believe in American freedoms...

    They don't really teach much about them in schools. The New Gen, is stupid and uneducated about them History, Social Studies, and other subject have been dropped.
  10. Dan Stubbs

    So, Coyote, who won the Democratic Debate?

    The whole bunch of them look like leftovers from a POP concert from the 60s. I gave up after 10 mins and took some meds and turned them off when they started to make sense.
  11. Dan Stubbs

    California approves statewide rent control to deal with housing crunch

    I guess that is a first step in controlling other peoples property.
  12. Dan Stubbs

    Comey IG Report Thread and Poll

    I think the word you are looking for is he tried to fix the election.
  13. Dan Stubbs

    Kamala Harris Doesn’t Understand Why the Constitution Gets in the Way of Her Gun Control Agenda

    She has received her orders and is carrying them out. She will lose her way. Her thinking is way out of line with the Heart of America but she has no idea what she is asking for.
  14. Dan Stubbs

    Anti-gunners....even German citizens don't believe your anti-gun crap...

    As far as the ATF knows I have no guns....Hint. Hint.
  15. Dan Stubbs

    FBI arrests top FEMA administrator, two others for Hurricane Maria relief fraud

    That could be mostly true since the Governor has been removed from office for theft and fraud during the recovery from the Cane.
  16. Dan Stubbs

    FBI arrests top FEMA administrator, two others for Hurricane Maria relief fraud

    He posts a lot of stuff and does not check the dates. You know the FBI recover tons of copper wife and transformers from a warehouse that were shipped for recovery operations and it appear the Governor and his friends had them "stored" there to protect the material. Must have forgot about...
  17. Dan Stubbs

    Some People Did Something

    If a Aircraft goes beyond a listed speed in a dive you can not recover...Simple reason go look it up.
  18. Dan Stubbs

    Some People Did Something

    There is not of room in that cockpit to fight a guy so the plane was out of control and way over the speed to make a recovery effort.
  19. Dan Stubbs

    FBI arrests top FEMA administrator, two others for Hurricane Maria relief fraud

    If you want defrauding just take a close look at the bull that Hilly pulled off in Haiti and the planting of Bread Fruit trees. She took millions and delivered dollars. A lot of talk with no actions.
  20. Dan Stubbs

    Commentary: Like It or Not, War Is coming to the Right

    I don't worry about that much, but if the Democrats or Progressive get a "in" with the MS 13 gangs, and the Crips and others there is going to be a violent problem, and how they could do it is turning them when they have them in Jails. Can something like a Political Party really turn to the...
  21. Dan Stubbs

    Hillys emails and Deep Dark States people.

    After the election, Gips was put in charge of hiring in the Obama White House, helping to place loyalists and fundraisers in many key positions. Then, in mid-2009, Obama named him ambassador to South Africa. Meanwhile, Level 3 Communications, in which Gips retained stock, received millions of...
  22. Dan Stubbs

    Mexico Murder rate is still high.

    Friends of mine are moving back to the USA because of the Murder rate in Mexico. The rate is now 100 per 100,000 so in one Mid sized City the 468 body has been found on the street just outside the Condo he lives in. It seem you can live on the cheap side down there, but life seem cheap also...
  23. Dan Stubbs

    It take a Village to make a stupid person.

    I could not beleive the Story and how many people buy into the psychic fortune tellers. The Con Job start in Texas with a Story that a Family was under a curse but the Psychic could fix it for a little money. Ten years and the same Fourture Teller has drain about 1.6 million out of the...
  24. Dan Stubbs

    The Mooch! Why Scaramucci now calls Trump 'Horrific' and 'Despicable'? Keep Spewing Mooch!

    It seems that the HATE from the Progressives grown every day and TDS is a driving force. The more they hate the more I repect the man. I am so glad he came along and threw a wrench in to the Democratic machine. I hope we can keep him moving in the same direction, He will be remember in...
  25. Dan Stubbs

    Is This The Fulfilling Of The Mark Of The Beast Prophecy?

    Three dead men that lay for three days and the whole world will see them....Something from the Bible.
  26. Dan Stubbs

    Old cars suck | Change my mind

    I wish I had my old 1965 Chev Nova Hard top SS with a V8 4 Speed, Posi. The first year they put a V8 in it. The guy I sold it to, turned it into a drag car. Sad and it was such a great "sleeper" on the street.
  27. Dan Stubbs

    you can be a quitter or a Marine, but you can't be both!

    To understand the thinking is pretty simple the bad guys are going to kill you and if captured they are going to kill you a little bit at a time. So it is you choice, die fighting or die like a Lamb.
  28. Dan Stubbs

    Old cars suck | Change my mind

    Well if you own a old car it would not cost you $5,000 for a new engine, 3000 for a Trans, or $800 for a cooling system. Plastic Pigs do not fly but the money does.
  29. Dan Stubbs

    IF more guns = more gun crime...why are the 3 safest states Constitutional carry states?

    You forgot about the National Carry Law, retired Sheriff, Police, Military, and other allowed to CCW without State Permits. They think there are over 600.000 of those out there.

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