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  1. hjmick

    Natural Disasters on Film

  2. hjmick

    Sacramento City Schools Superintendent Aguilar Takes a Big Pay Increase While Schools Closed

    Well yeah... since they closed the schools the GPA is up and school violence is down! Success!
  3. hjmick

    Which rock and roll trios are the best ever?

    I don't know. I saw Asia live and Carl Palmer was a hell of a drummer...
  4. hjmick

    Trump is the ultimate fail for pandemic responses, while China did a great job.

    So what you're telling us is... you believe the news China is letting out? There are no words...
  5. hjmick

    CBS (fake) news caught using footage from an Italian hospital to describe concitions in NYC

    They probably just thought it was a hospital in Little Italy, honest mistake... Never mind that there are no hospitals in Little Italy...
  6. hjmick

    Why Joe Biden doesn’t dare tap Andrew Cuomo for veep

    Whose are?
  7. hjmick

    Why Joe Biden doesn’t dare tap Andrew Cuomo for veep

    Biden will be lucky if Cuomo drafted at the convention and he's tossed to the roadside...
  8. hjmick

    State of Texas stopping people from Louisiana from entering our State!

    From Louisiana? They should be doing that regardless of whether or not there is a pandemic...
  9. hjmick

    Shimura Ken

  10. hjmick

    CDZ I Volunteer to stay quarantined if...

    I have dealings with "younger healthy people" everyday. Most seem to lack common sense, have a sense of entitlement, and think that just showing up at work is enough for the paycheck... much like the participation trophies of their youth. I wouldn't trust them to wipe their own asses much less...
  11. hjmick

    Have any other "essential" workers here received this from their employer yet?

    I would say that that depends on the industry. Though my company is not running the production line, we are shipping out spare parts so repairs can be made to our products keeping them airworthy. Part of that process requires FAA export documents, documents I, as the head of our Quality...
  12. hjmick

    Have any other "essential" workers here received this from their employer yet?

    Yep, I have one sitting in the passenger seat of my vehicle.
  13. hjmick

    Trump tells Pence: That woman in Michigan is not nice to me, Let em die

    Where in your article does it say that Trump said, "...Let 'em die"?
  14. hjmick

    New format feedback

    When you click on "New Posts" look under the words "New Posts" and you'll see two arrows making a circle, next to that is a circle with a square in the center, next to that it says "This page will refresh in X seconds." Click on the circle with the square in the center, that's "stop."
  15. hjmick

    You’re in lockdown.

    H-alibut J-ambalaya M-ountain Dew I-n-N-Out C-lam Chowder K-rispy Kreme
  16. hjmick

    You’re in lockdown.

    My real name, or my member name?
  17. hjmick

    Boris has got it - millions cheer

    You are a repugnant human being.
  18. hjmick

    Favorite lines and/or key exchanges of dialogue in movies

    " Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love - they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock..."...
  19. hjmick

    attention site owners and directors Firefox says this is untrusted

    I don't have a problem with this site and FF...
  20. hjmick

    Post your Pantry Raid recipes

    2lbs ground beef, brown and drain 2lbs steak, cubed, brown and drain (stew meat works, may need to cut it smaller) Put meat in large pot Add: 1 cup chili powder 1 ½ tb smoke paprika 2 tsp cayenne pepper 2 tb ancho chili powder 2 tb oregano 1 ½ tb salt 5 or 6 good shakes of garlic powder 1 tb...
  21. hjmick

    Post your Pantry Raid recipes

    I don't really do the pantry raid recipe thing. Because where I live is a hurricane magnet, we stay pretty well stocked year round. If I do anything during our delightful outbreak lock down, it'll be making a pot of chili. I have only one bag of the last batch left in the freezer...
  22. hjmick

    Post your Pantry Raid recipes

    Well, first we would pick a sorority, then we'd determine whether or not we would need ladders, then we'd schedule a time to meet sometime after the sun se... Wait... OH! PANTRY Raid Recipes... Oops... Carry on...
  23. hjmick

    Trump a modern day Patton

    I was a Republican for many, many years. My first Presidential vote was for Reagan. I still lean to the right, but by today's standards, that seems to be left. My voter registration is undeclared these days, neither party has much appeal for me lately, but I do have hope. I always try to be...
  24. hjmick

    Trump a modern day Patton

    I wasn't replying to you, I was replying to Chitwood. I suppose I could have taken the time to edit out your exchange with him...
  25. hjmick

    Trump a modern day Patton

    Thanks for the proof read, I corrected the "us" but you're wrong, the comma after the word "intentional" is entirely appropriate.
  26. hjmick

    Trump a modern day Patton

    Try to keep up, scooter. I'm no fan of Biden or Sanders either.
  27. hjmick

    Trump a modern day Patton

    I am neither, Jim. I think he needs to step back and let those who know about this sort of shit do the talking. The President means well, but with just about every opportunity he gives information contradictory to that of the doctors. That is not helpful. Trying to rush through this is going to...
  28. hjmick

    Trump a modern day Patton

    Sorry to disappoint you, but my IQ is just fine and I do not suffer from TDS. But thanks for playing, pumpkin. I realize you go through life with blinders on, but had you been paying attention, I have, on a number of occasions defended President Trump.
  29. hjmick

    Trump a modern day Patton

    Whatever helps you sleep at night, snowflake.
  30. hjmick

    New format feedback

    I just turned it off.

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