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    McCain Makes a Comeback

    Glad to see he's back. If anybody can beat Hillary hands-down, its him. I wouldn't mind Huckabee or even Romney at this point, but I think in a field of seriously flawed candidates, I could see McCain as the most likely to beat Clinton because I know he could get the independent votes and the...

    What Is Obama's Religion?

    He's been a member of the UCC for decades now. There are dual forces putting out the Obama's a Muslim vibe, his political opponents (and this is straight out of the Clinton playbook, Karl Rove could not handle a candle to them for sheer deviousness) and the globalized media which is trying to...

    The War - Ken Burnn' PBS Series

    And of course I would have had to be underway while this was airing.... Heard it was good, glad most of you seem to feel that way so I can feel better about investing that many hours in watching it at some point early next year.

    SCotUS takes up DC gun ban case!

    Thanks for the education on why this is a special case. Needless to say I am glad asinine laws like this are getting the judicial attention they deserve.

    BBC Honors American Troops In Iraq

    With a fair, heartfelt report. The reporter, with decades of combat zone reporting experience, even goes as far as to say the Americans are more professional, more creative, more skilled, than their British counterparts. Throughout, he captures the humanity and agony of the occupation and the...

    Sharp Disagreements Between the EU and the New Soviets

    Progressing. Now worrying about visa issues under the new incompetent DHS regime. My respect for illegal immigrants rises everyday I have to deal with this bunch. I see Russia sees China eyeing all of its abundant resources, and I think Russia knows what it must do. But first, Russia must...

    Sharp Disagreements Between the EU and the New Soviets

    There was a time when Putin's policies made sense and he has indeed brought Russia back from the serious doldrums it was in circa 1999. But his incessant bullying of his neighbors and his opponents benefits no one but his fellow elite. Yet look at Russia right now and realize this is all...

    Trade, Death & Drugs

    The Democrats go way overboard on Uribe and Colombia here, they are living in the past and disrupting a very vital US-Columbia relationship. This is not how we should be treating our very good friends...

    French Libs Have A Fit Over New Policies

    Sarkozy could be an excellent leader in France and for Europe as a whole. The selection of Kouchner is a masterstroke for bringing France's foreign policy into a more realistic but less cynical light. Remember, his paternal grandparents were slaughtered at Auschwitz, something he never has...
  10. NATO AIR

    Should Prince Harry go to war?

    He has to go, as any young man with his sense of duty and responsibility would do so. I hate the war in Iraq with a passion and condemn the senseless sacrifice of so many and so much in the hands of incompetent leaders and generals, but I WOULD GO tomorrow if I was needed to be a "Dirt"...
  11. NATO AIR

    How Spec. Town Lost His Benefits

    Anyone dealt with 5-13's before? I've known one sailor who had a similar situation when he came back from Iraq as an IA but he was lucky to have a chain of command on the ship that put a stop to this funny business about him having pscyh issues and not PTSD.
  12. NATO AIR

    Sticker Shock: The Cost of US Military Aircraft

    Much like the cost of American cruise missiles, when similar models with only slightly less accuracy can be had for $10,000 or less. Hell, that's why Iran can afford to have tens of thousands of them aimed at us in the Gulf.
  13. NATO AIR

    Turkey ready to enter northern Iraq

    There have been an awful lot of Kurdish guerrilla attacks against the Turks as of late, coming from the Iraqi side of the border. If the US had any concept of pre-emptive diplomacy, it would be trying to bring the Turks & Kurds into a "trust but verify" security relationship w/ a small...
  14. NATO AIR

    The Right to Self-Defense

    An officer in that situation would be crucified (post-violent death) for needlessly sacrificing the lives of his sailors. The Brits were entirely out-gunned, out-manned with no escape options (they're at sea, DUH!). Further, operational gaps like the missing helo coverage are not the fault of...
  15. NATO AIR

    Refuting Pelosi on The "Real" War

    I'll give Bush, Pelosi, Cheney, etc. a pass on not saying Pakistan is the real problem, because the foreign policy leaders in this country have to maintain in front of the public and abroad that they are convinced Musharraf is a sustainable friend of the country, when in reality, he is a...
  16. NATO AIR

    The Conscience Of The (Marine) Colonel

    Torture's bitter fruits:
  17. NATO AIR

    Bush Gives "Terrorist" A Deal

    (to save PM Howard in Australia?):
  18. NATO AIR

    Refuting Pelosi on The "Real" War

    The man is a simpleton, not once does he mention Pakistan, which is the real danger of all these countries (read the recent Front Page symposium on that?) we're dealing with now, and the country where Al-Qaeda is enjoying its rebirth in their lawless areas. This is the problem with neocons...
  19. NATO AIR

    America's Egyptian Allies

    Actually, I apologize. Muslim Brotherhood is POTENTIALLY bad enough (we really don't know what they are like in power, you can't use Hamas as an example because of the disconnectivity America and Israel gave to them allowing them a perfect excuse for failure), but these guys are definitely the...
  20. NATO AIR

    MGEN Scales: Army Is Broken

    Looks like the Kool-Aid folks in D.C. have been drinking is not as strong as it once was even 6 months ago: Here's MGEN Scales just last year: His basic message; the ret. generals don't know what they're talking about, we're winning...
  21. NATO AIR

    America's Egyptian Allies

    The Bush Admin's policy is bankrupt. Needless to say, despite its outward trappings of "power", the Egyptian regime is more brittle and endangered than ever before. A revolution led by the Muslim Brotherhood and other sects is certainly not out of the question in the near to mid future...
  22. NATO AIR

    Gen Pace VS PC Police

    Sad that that attitude does not prevail in the Navy! The biggest thing here is obviously that the "out and proud and flaunting it" types are a severe problem. But I believe that is a tiny minority of the gays who serve or would serve. Nevertheless, if they conduct themselves as...
  23. NATO AIR

    Gen Pace VS PC Police

    Not while in uniform during an official function. Especially when he is in charge of implementing effectively the "don't ask, don't tell" policy.
  24. NATO AIR

    Gen Pace VS PC Police

    They miss the point. Pace slandered tens of thousands of his own troops. How would you feel being a gay kid fighting besides his comrades in Iraq right now? Your boss essentially said last year at the Wharton Business School that you are not to be trusted. Pace also is a supporter of the...
  25. NATO AIR

    Strategic Invisibility

    Latin America will be more important to us in the future than Europe or the Middle East. When will our leaders start acting like they realize that more often?
  26. NATO AIR


    Sounds like good business. I think the biggest issue for the VA hospitals in the future will be the psych bit, because of the unique stress involved these days with child soldiers, suicide bombers in markets & schools, etc. At least that's what the corpsmen and RP's talk about when they...
  27. NATO AIR


    Personally, I remember the VA hospitals of my youth and now as not so bad. I remember my mother taking me to visit her old major who had experienced a major heart attack in '88. She & he pitched a bitch about the ex-sgt. with AIDS who was being given the run-around. Nowadays, they get better...
  28. NATO AIR


    Agreed. We're all culpable in some way. We enable stuff like this by not utilizing the tools out there to exploit the problem to find solutions to it.... at least short & mid-term solutions.
  29. NATO AIR


    Plain and simple, those who abandoned their responsibilities and our troops at Walter Reed (not to mention the other unacceptable conditions at numerous bases and hospitals across the country) are guilty of treason. First and foremost, the last two CO's (MG Weightman & LTCOL Kiley) of Walter...
  30. NATO AIR

    Run-Around For Soldiers At Walter Reed

    More progress. And they're blaming NCO's for it too. Disgraceful.

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