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  1. Snouter

    Damned Zandam another Cruise Death Ship begging to dock in Florida

    The flu really does not fly in the air, it sits on things like door knobs. Gloves, folks. And even then, stop picking your nose and touching your face that is most likely pretty ugly.
  2. Snouter

    When the US reaches 250,000 deaths, how will republicans respond?

    A variation of the seasonal flu... And then they will bring you into the hospital, a bacteria, virus filled facility and inject you with steroids which will worsen the condition... Or you can have the balls to demand the anti-Malaria drugs that have been 100% effective so far.
  3. Snouter

    Nancy Pelosi, The Most Shameful, Disgusting Politician In Modern History

    Pelosi is as demented as Sleepy Joe but instead of having multiple nose jobs, face lifts and implants Pelosi should have had dental implants. The dentures floating around when she is babbling incoherently is so uncool.
  4. Snouter

    When the US reaches 250,000 deaths, how will republicans respond?

    Montrovant, yes diseases are strange things. In the 1980's "experts" like Tiny Tony Fauci and the weird female version of Tiny Tony Fauci, "Dr. Birx" insisted folks engaging in normal male/female sex would get the disease homosexuals acquired, but it never happened. Repeat, the AIDS/HIV...
  5. Snouter

    Trump vs. Cuomo

    It is an overhyped hoax from the Fake News. The reality is it is a variation of the seasonal flu. Wear gloves in public, like they did in the old days in Manhattan before it was converted to a 3rd world cesspool. Viruses and bacteria are extremely difficult to wash off when they move under...
  6. Snouter

    When the US reaches 250,000 deaths, how will republicans respond?

    In all honesty we should have a poll thread. Tiny Tony Fauci says 200,000 by summer (adjusted down from 2,000,000 two weeks ago)? The reality is we do not even know how many have died from the Chinese Kung Flu virus by itself. Anecdotally, the victims are obese, have diabetes, etc. Let's be...
  7. Snouter

    When the US reaches 250,000 deaths, how will republicans respond?

    Based on this interview, typical medical "treatment" is killing people. The dude said they were giving him steroids which actually enhances the auto-immune issues. In other words, there is a auto-immune element, meaning the body which God incorporated defense mechanisms to enable immunity to...
  8. Snouter

    We should listen to the “experts”

    Hussaine Obama was total fail and undermined the USA for numerous reasons, selling medical supplies to China, etc. just like Hussaine Obama was willing to sell the senate seat, which ended up putting Blago in prison. Tiny Tony Fauci, the "expert" idiot, predicted 2,000,000 deaths 2 weeks ago...
  9. Snouter

    Trump vs. Cuomo

    Exactly skye, and President Trump interacts with the perfectly. He can see through each fake journalist, knowing that the DNC and MSM are the same entity. He calls them out, puts them in their place and is still nice enough to respond to their Fake News "questions."
  10. Snouter

    Trump vs. Cuomo

    The late Sfachime's son Creepy Andrew is delusional, incompetent, and full of rage as he seems to be suffering from a mind fog type of dementia though obviously not as bad as Sleepy Joe Biden. Can someone characterize the fake way he speaks in public? Like a ghoulish, imitation of a preacher...
  11. Snouter

    Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) Thread

    The anti-Malaria drug is a right to live you idiot. Your democrat governors wanted to ban it! You mental case TDS douchebag!
  12. Snouter

    The Wuhan Virus Has Exposed Modern Americans’ Disconnect from Reality

    And notice it is the democrat governors going insane. Jesus Christ, thank God, President Trump is tempering the fucktarded governors. And the thing is look at all the grotesque, unqualified "diverse" POS that emerge having been appointed over the years, mayors, police chiefs, etc. Very scary...
  13. Snouter

    Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) Thread

    Okay, LoneLaugher you TDS individual that needs psychiatric care...newsflash...the Malaria drug cures the Chinese Kung Flu. Here a Jewish American indicates the cure rate is 100%...
  14. Snouter

    Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) Thread

    Mutations of viruses mean the virus is dying and less dangerous.
  15. Snouter

    Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) Thread

    Aren't you the delusional idiot that insisted Russia hacked the US electoral system to elect President Trump in a landslide victory. :p
  16. Snouter

    Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) Thread

    As President Trump and others have indicated weeks ago, there is a cure. Tiny Tony Fauci needs to be fired ASAP and governors who opposed the cure need to be removed from office ASAP! Even from a Fake News source...
  17. Snouter

    ‘Cheap manufacturing be damned’: Sentiment builds for moving U.S. companies out of China

    President Trump was doing his best to encourage manufacturing to move to the USA, but in all honesty, with the demographics of the labor force in the USA today (lower IQ, illiterate, morbidly obese, etc.), there would be quality control issues, theft, etc. This is not like when America was...
  18. Snouter

    It will never be the "Great Obama's" economy again.

    Except for a few TDS folks here and the Fake News MSM/DNC, nobody believed the economic recovery that occurred when President Trump won in a landslide had anything to do with Barry Hussaine Obama, except for the fact Barry Hussaine Obama made every effort to make the USA a 3rd world country...
  19. Snouter

    The US was founded on the principle that "all men are created equal"...yet the nation began with the genocide & land theft of Native American Men

    Whites actually thought some of the relatively civilized tribes of Asian Americans (Folks who migrated over the Alaska land bridge from Asia thousands of years prior and who formed tribes that savagely killed each other for savage reasons) were "wild White people." When Harvard University was...
  20. Snouter

    trump Supporter Arrested For Threatening Democratic Representative

    Based on the reports, we don't know whether or not it is another insane and violent TDS victim. For example, most supporters of President Trump already own firearms and would not threaten to purchase one. Sounds like maybe a bad breakup?
  21. Snouter

    President Andrew Cuomo to the National Guard: "So I say, my friends, that we go out there today and we kick coronavirus ass"

    The creepy looking Sfachime's son who thinks he is a Kennedy (the Kennedy's were fake royalty who made a fortune insider trading and running whiskey during Prohibition and actually hated the USA), fucked New York state and New York City with his and big bird's corrupt incompetence. The rumor is...
  22. Snouter

    We should listen to the “experts”

    Indeed basquebromance, the "experts" buzzword is hilarious. Folks, I will debate any fucking Deep State, TDS clown claiming to be an expert, anytime, anywhere!
  23. Snouter

    Bill Ackman, Another Mysterious Jewish Billionaire With Mysterious Financing Connections

    I grew up in Westport, Connecticut. Basically there were 3 groups of folks, jews who controlled the real estate and school system, had their kids attend "hebrew school" after hours where they were taught Germans (white people) cooked them in the 40's, whites who were delusional Catholics and...
  24. Snouter

    You should donate any stimulus check you receive to a church

    Jesus was the failed savior of the jews (the always needed saviors because they were douchebags who could make money on loans, but had no idea how to run a country) in the context of being a military leader to defeat Rome (the West). The jews (assuming they are even related to those who call...
  25. Snouter

    The True Cure for the Virus is to End Open Borders

    The epicenter in the Northeast is at least partly the result of a jewish individual who flew into JFK, and out after infecting dozens of people in Westport, Connecticut. So there need to be serious screening at airports...not the insane TSA bullshit that suggests White folks are Muslim...
  26. Snouter

    I am certain the Coronavirus was unleashed in the US by the deep state democrats

    Whether the poster of the OP is a troll or not, the title is very interesting. As we know deep state democrats are blacks, browns and jews, with the occasional goofy often ugly, perverted whites. The fact is in the northeast a jewish rabbi introduced the Chinese Kung Flu into Westchester...
  27. Snouter

    Bill Ackman, Another Mysterious Jewish Billionaire With Mysterious Financing Connections

    Checking out his resume... 1988 graduated from Harvard College with a degree in history, with thesis "Scaling the Ivy Wall: the Jewish and Asian American Experience in Harvard Admissions." Pretty goofy ethnocentric douchebaggery. Frightening stupid on the caliber of Micheal Obama and its...
  28. Snouter

    Joe Biden a wannabe with no audience

    Crooked Hillary has proven herself to be Crooked, Crazy Hillary so I doubt the corrupt MSM/DNC will push for her again. She will embarrass herself even worse than last time. The late Sfachime's son and Fredo's brother Andrew Cuomo seems to be the only "dark horse" DNC puppet available.
  29. Snouter

    Trump's slowness in sending ventilators to New York state under fire

    President Trump sent 2,000 ventilators to NYC but the incompentent idiots running NYC and NY state left them in warehouses instead of delivering them to hospitals! Democrat controlled areas invariably turn to shit!
  30. Snouter

    Gov. Cuomo for President?

    Hannity destroyed the late Sfichime's ("Mario" a former Governor of New York) incompetent son (current Governor of New York) on today's broadcast. I was surprised since I think he had a friendly interview with the Sfichime's incompetent son, not to be confused with Fredo, the late Schfichime's...

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