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  • You're most welcome. However, your ideology is still wrong most of the time. I'm sure you'll never figure it out and still post bitter thoughts.
    When you propose making up laws for the express purpose of making law abiding people criminal simply to disarm them, facist asshole fits the bill. You are making laws who's sole purpose is to make people break them. Grow a spine and actually call for gun confiscation if you want that. Dont try end run bullshit.
    What ever jack ass. You didn't say that in your post. You said Conservatives only care about me myself and I.

    Which is pure horse shit. But not surprising coming from a liberal Partisan.
    I have proven to be a lot of things. I accept that one as well. You have proven a few things as well. You do not even read before bashing. Your principle speaks for itself
    While your post held more thought and reason than most of the gun grabbing whore comments on these boards, it falls in line with the Jack Ass (Democrat) party's talking points.

    But I will apologize for my tone which was overly bellicose when you were being reasonable, by comparison.

    Really gun control is on the table now, but there is no reason to limit the frame of discussion to only how much more restrictive can we be to legal gun owners, in fact there shouldnt be any of the latter at all. Legal gun owners are not the problem. Perhaps people who own guns and have residents who are on psycho drugs should be required to keep their guns locked up?
    The good news is you aren't the biggest moron on this site. The bad news is you are a brainless ill-informed cocksucker with nothing substantive to add and simply bleat what your liberal masters tell you.
    Are you as dumb and gay as your posts suggest? Or do you just pretend to be a cocksucker behind the keyboard? Tough guy
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