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  • In all honesty, I think that you are wrong about Glug.

    He is basically a 2nd generation Bulgarian immigrant to Australia with a whole heap of brothers & sisters & a lasting grudge to anything remotely associative with socialism.

    He's utterly boring too, and should be struck off your dinner invitation list.
    Glug claims to have had a daddy who owned a factory in Australia and told some stories that made me believe him.
    You may want to contact westwall and cereal_killer about this...it wasn't my gig...they are the only ones that can explain it better.
    Have a good day, Wobbly.
    I'm sorry. Alerts to the user are automatically sent the moment the infraction is given.
    I'm sorry, Wobbly. According to westwall the infraction for the badlands was the mistake made. The other still stands. You will be cleared on the 18th.
    Ok this is what the mistake was:

    westwall mistakingly set the expiry time to a year out on some of these infractions. The 2 infractions have been updated to expire in their proper timeframe (1 day and 2 days)

    So you'll be clear on the 18th around 11:35PM
    Try to be patient hon...from what I understand, cereal_killer is going to have to be the one to lift the slow down...he cannot do so until he is back at his pc, I believe he is mobile right now...
    OK..I tagged westwall in my report. I do not know how long your slow down is for...I will not know until I hear back from him.
    I sent a report asking who it is that put you on slow down to PM you.
    Right now, I do not know who it was that has done so, or why.
    Please try to be patient while I wait for an answer from one of the other mods.
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