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Wicked Jester
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  • syntholic can't make me breakfast b/c of his incoherence towards the Rebuplic for which he lives with in, truelly, pathetic with someone in fake mindedness....hahaha...old people experience the same thing but ol pussy dress wardrobe actors in the b list .
    well, obviously there won't be any mutual respect between you and I as you evidently want conflict. no biggie. I'm game. As for attacking his family; no, i didn't. what i said was not insulting them, but only insulting mal. He deceitful painted it as an attack on his family in order to whine like a little beeyatch. Calling Seawytch a rancid twat and a **** is going too far, and was attacking my friends. I returned the favor. If he can't take it, then he shouldn't dish it out. He's clearly a little pussy as well as a bully and a bigot. You wanna support that kind of scum sucking low life turd? cool. Game on. bruh. And claiming to be a Ranger? You've now shown you lack integrity as well as honor. You're immoral and dishonorable. Talk to you later...buddy. :D
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