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  • Well, just thought I'd check you profile page. For some reason I thought you were a female... so that was a shock... My sister lives in Phoenix and I've toured Arizona several times . Great sunsets.. okay well .. later potato
    Break out the cigars! This life is for squirrels! We're off to the drug store to whistle at girls! (Walt Kelly)
    "Oh! A Wise Guy, eh?"
    Slaps Smacks & Pokes - YouTube
    :eusa_eh: Who're you callin' old?

    Thanks! :D
    Thanks for the thanks and the rep but as the OP I replied to pointed out I miss read the post and even though what I said was true it didn't fit the topic. Thanks anyway ! :lol:
    Is that at all a surprise with this troll? hee hee this dumbshit thinks oswald was the lone assassin even though the HSCA investigation in the 70's concluded the warren commission was wrong,that while oswald was a shooter,he wasnt the ONLY shooter,that there was a second shooter involved,yet THIS IDIOT "STILL" goes around telling lies oswald was the lone assassin.comedy gold.he sure has been brainwashed by the CIA controlled media.HEE HEE.

    He recently put me on ignore because he knows he cant refute my facts and stand toe to toe in a debate with me on this so he does the easy thing and runs away knowing I have him cornered.ha ha.
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