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  • Hi! I am Jackson and I have had problems trying to get back on and someone helped me with it, Unfortunately, another time I was locked out and tried to get back in using the name Briggs. Is there anyway you can get me back in with my real moniker, Jackson. I guess the password will be kitty8ball or Maddie8ball. Sorry to be such a pain! and Thank you for getting me back on..just would like to be Jackson again.
    Hi Dan!

    How come you folks allow so many duplicate threads?
    I've been posting of political forums since the late 90's and I have never posted on any board that allowed so many duplicate threads.
    I often wonder, how many other good threads get buried on the Active Topics page because there are 3-5 threads that cover the same exact thing!
    I really enjoy USMB but the fact that so many duplicate threads are allowed drives me crazy. There no way an administrator or Mod can miss this regular phenomenon.
    DanK, I know I should write it down so I don't bother you with the question again...

    What is the address to which I can send a check in support of USMB?

    Please PM me with the answer. I will post it on my bulletin board this time.

    I am trying to reset my password, and Email. I deleted the old email address-, switched to and forgot what the new password was, now I am unable to put the new address and password in, because I dont have an address to send the new pass word to. Is there anything that can be done ? This is the new email address-

    Thank you in advance for any input.

    When you get a minute, can you do me a favor and zero out my rep?

    DanK. I like the name and i'm surprised to see a 3rd administrator, thats 2 in 2 days whom i've never seen before.
    Dan? I Donated to this site today...Will my account be upgraded?


    ~TOM (The T)


    Your donation has been confirmed
    <HR style="COLOR: #f2f2f2; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #f2f2f2" SIZE=1>Dear The T,

    We just wanted to let you know that your donation has been confirmed.

    Donation date: 12-08-09, 17:23
    Donation amount: USD 50

    We are very grateful for your support.

    Best Regards,

    The Forum Team
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