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  • OK, TS, we gots problems; the Padres are waxing us. Did you see the game the Cubbies gave to them at home plate. It's their year.
    I am funning with you, truth. I am sure they met; I am also sure they did not fight. And I am sure although Smith was a tough hombre that if they had, Lincoln would have put him down very easily. Lincoln never, ever lost a brawl or wrestling content with anybody on the frontier and up/down on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers.
    Truthspeaker, JakeStarkey thinks the BoM is great as a literary manifestation. Is that how your readers perceive the Koran, Bible, and Torah. Some people think The Lord of the Rings has as much religious value. After all Gandalf is pretty awsome as the Christ figure.
    I forgot to do this, so I will when I done with this message. I do think the BoM is great reading, and I do think that it should be studied as a literary manifestation of American religious writing. It is unique. By the by, has Liability stated that he is LDS. That's what I remember, but I hope I am wrong.
    I neg repped you, not for opinion, but for your immoral stubborness which substitutes unreasoning faith in place of critical thinking. Having said that, I am quite pleasingly surprised with your attitude, and when I am can able I will pos rep you to make up for it. I hope your holidays were wonderful and you are charged up for a new year.
    Thanks, everything is subjective of course. Washington is the man I most respect to have ever held the office of president, not for the job he did but for the lifetime of scarifice for others that he carried out, with dignity and in a humble way.
    Hey, I saw your post on the game poll and I was curious to whether or not you played any of the original Twisted Metals?
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