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  • Let me guess,you ALSO belive in the warren commission that oswald was the lone assassin right? hahahaha your REALLY funny if you do,just liek the jfk assassinion,the laws of physics were violated,physics prove your head goes forward if shot from behind,not backwards,same with the collapse of the towers,they dont fall straight down at freefall speed due to fires. witnesses heard explosions in the basements BEFORE the planes struck,oh and you are clueless about bld 7,thats the crux of the 9/11 coverup commission. you need to read the book DEBUNKING THE 9/11 DEBUNKING AN ANSWER TO POPULAR MECHANICS AND OTHER DEFENDERS OF THE OFFICIAL CONSPIRACY THEORY.his book shreads to pieces the lies of the 9/11 coverup commission. ylike truth matters,you also need to change your user name,he needs to change his to TRUTH DOESNT MATTER and you need to change yours to NON TRUTH SEEKER since the truth scares you and you only see what you want to see
    your funny.you should start a comedy club.you obviously ditched junior high school science classes in the fact you obviously know NOTHING at all about the laws of physics.hee hee since they were violated that day with the collapse of the towers.you are obviously afraid of the truth because any serious researcher knows that buildings dont fall straight down at free fall speed due to fires,they topple over SIDEWAYS gradually over a period of times,every junior high school kid learns that at that age in science class so you obviously ditched them.lol.
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