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Tom Clancy
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  • As I recall, after the question was yelled out, there was considerable laughter. I don't recall any response from the Chief - it was almost 45 years ago.
    It's funny the things I do remember, the best chocolate milk and the worst kool-aid; spreading wisk and water outside the barracks and sidewalk surfing, upon getting caught having to do push-ups on the same surface, a very hard task as the feet and hands slipped.
    Anyway, thanks for the rep.
    Thanks Tom. I think this election will be re individual freedom and the economy period. There will be time later on to sort out the other issues, but for now the focus is or should be there.
    Dear Tom,
    thx for the rep. Just one word: Germany´s military was existing before the Nazis, so the Nazis did not make them. On the other hand, a lot of officers were, more or less, nazis.
    Complex subject. Do you know a place where stuff like this is discussed ?
    kind regards
    Thanks for the enjoyment of music selections is multiplied by others.
    Florida Net Too Wide in Purge of Voter Rolls - Los Angeles Times

    YOU HAVE NEVER heard of teh LA TIMES??????
    James Lee's testimony
    On 17 April, 2001, James Lee testified, before the McKinney panel, that the state had given DBT the directive to add to the purge list people who matched at least 90% of a last name. DBT objected, knowing that this would produce a huge number of false positives (non-felons).
    This is court sworn testimony .
    Thanks for the rep, but you might regret it! I put on the US picture and they lost, then I put on England and they lost! Hope third time's a charm!
    I have asked the Moderators to re-instate me to the Message Board. Your support in this endeavour would be greatly appreciated and would clearly demonstrate your compassion.

    Thank you,
    I just said that to get all the twoofers pissed off! I'm expecting a vitriolic attack from one or two of them over the next few days! :lol:
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