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  • The Bush family are probably corrupt as fuck. From WWII, relations with Hitler, JFK's death, and possibly 9-11 too. They're major players among an elite class that turns shit upside down for cash, power and control.IMO, the answer is Reagan. Before that Carter. Before that JFK. if you had just left out asswipe reagan,you would had the best post on the thread easily.
    His administration was CORRUPT AS FUCK, Sec. of State, IRS, Justice Dept., FBI They had the media under their supervision, and that's just an example. do you even realise reagan was as well.LOL
    Nice signature. A load of rants against Liberals, and then a picture of some Liberals you think are great. Hmm.. Contradiction somewhat.
    Your Comey post: Edit the third paragraph; first word should be Comey, not Trump.

    Liked the content; it's right on.
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