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    The Price You Pay. Sweden's Herd Immunity Experiment Backfires

    Herd immunity was a (not the) hope. The real goal was not shutting down and following good protocols. They killed a bunch of old folks because they were lax (where have you heard that before....they are better than New York), but they are on the decline. Your claim is bullshit.
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    Donald Trump, the Most Unmanly President

    3 to 10 per day. Depends on if Billybullshit is drunk.
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    This is how a president behaves

    TDS thread 1,628
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    Since when does the president get to force churches to open?

    TDS thread 1,629
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    Donald Trump, the Most Unmanly President

    Still more manly than you. TDS thread 1,626
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    I hate Mr Trump

    Here is my response to history... :fu::fu::fu::fu::fu::fu:
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    Can we stop pretending Trump is fit to be president?

    Trump is just as fit to be president as anyone else. He's got a big mouth, but so what. As to the rest, there is nothing you've claimed that you can prove. It's all bullshit.
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    I hate Mr Trump

    I voted for him. I'll vote for him again. I could care less what you feel.
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    The Kansas Republicans

    My guess.....the State of Kansas thanks God for that also.
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    FOX News fires Tenacious Trish Regan, Trump fires back on twitter

    Do you purposely try to look stupid ? You are succeeding.
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    Sweden's Coronavirus Strategy Will Soon Be The Worlds

    You "play" with your fucking life every time you get in a car. Especially if there are bars around. USA less than 700 deaths yesterday.
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    The Kansas Republicans

    You "doubt", meaning you don't know. We'd prefer you go fuck up the desert islands of the world.
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    The Kansas Republicans

    How do you know what my best interests are ? What makes you so fucking special.
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    The Kansas Republicans

    They pull the lever you dumbass.

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