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  • What do you want me to do?...You keep on either outright violating fair use and copyright rules or doing what you can to skirt them.
    It's one subject that rips the humor right out of me. Thanks for your post, I needed the therapeutic pleasure of partially getting it off my chest. Thanks for your support as well.
    You sure you wanna play this game? Even someone as moronic as you should be able to realize that I can find and shred apart every one of your pathetic little posts, because I'd flick you away like an insect in any political bout.

    Oh, by the way, according to your definition, one of the three people on your friends' list promotes "child sex," since they share my ideology. I'll leave you to figure out which one...:rofl:
    Thanks. I like kicking ass. BTW, if the avatar is too distracting, I can switch back to something more neutral, but it won't be as fun.
    You're welcome for the support! Obama is going to spend us right down the drain and then some. I truly believe this guy doesn't have a clue and should never have been elected.
    I don't think your colleagues have done an especially exemplary job of identifying Obama's "Marxism." Why don't you weigh in in this thread?
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