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  • Have not seen you on the boards for a while, good to have you back. Hope everything has been OK with you.
    Liar... The same mod who tried to do it last time based on your whine..You know it, I know it.. It's okay punk, you can play pretend Finn here all you want, you have moms approval and oversight. Later Finnish Fraud..
    You can play pretend all you want crybaby, I'm done here.. That's twice I got penalized for your nonsense and both by the same mod... Think I'm going to take you crying to mommy about anyone who questions your BS lies or behavior? No afraid not, you just bragged about it in a neg-rep comment as well.. Tell your mom to ban me again because I'm done here, when you get to didctate policy, the place is done.. Later crybaby
    LOL, another neg-rep from the forum crybaby... Shocked... Do you do anything but whine? ROFL.. Your little nbeg-rep really hurts me finnish fraud...
    Piss off, you lying POS. You are a pathological liar and I've caught you multiple times. You have ZERO cred.
    :lol::lol::lol: Looked in the mirror lately? For a Finnish person you are remarkably devoid of geographical knowledge of your small country. In other words mr. lying sack of poo, practice what you preach.
    Thank you. Hawaii must be sustained.
    One point of order (for the "realists"): no ketchup. God, now I'm really hungry.
    Now I have to smoke. Are you happy now?

    LOL, just so you know, this is a visitor message, not a PM... And in this Visitor Message, I am going to say, cry pretty you whiny little punk.. Your incessent neg-repping is only showing you for a wuss.. BTW, that wasn't a family attack liar, it was an attack on you.. It's not your (mentioning mamooths mom gets your neg repped ) fault you live at home, it's yours..Get a job, get a life, move out..
    You keep on neg repping me yet you claim to ignore me.. Stop editing peoples quotes in your responses its a rule violation.
    I just read the comment you made with your last neg rep to me.. Threatening me with a banning will not help you..
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