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  • Than ks for that comment. It actually made me a bit weepy-peepy. :)
    Which post are you referring to? I'm still pretty clueless about the technical aspects of this site. lol
    Mr. H.
    Mr. H.
    I don't remember. Got drunk last night and am hung over this morning :)
    Trolls get negged.

    well then you shouldnt have negged me then,you should have negged yourself.

    actually people who neg others are people who get frustrated because they know they are cornered and cant refute the facts of their opponent so out of their frustration of being defeated in a debate,they are too arrogant to admit they have been proven wrong and too immature to admit that.

    they then do what makes them feel better about themselves,neg that person.congrats on proving how frustrated you get when you cant counter facts.evade them,and insult your opponent knowing you have lost the chess game and got checkmated:D:clap::clap::clap::clap:

    Now THATS what trolls
    Nothing worse than the traitor being our own president. Therefore, Obama is the worst, selling us out to our enemies and undermining our economy from within.

    Except that describes every president we have had since Hoover though with the exception of JFK and carter,every one of them with the exception of those two have sold us out to the enemy and undermined our economy so they all make the case along with obama,as the biggest traiter in america that ever lived.
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