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  1. RightNorLeft

    Setting the record straight about "White Supremacy"!

    Liberals lie, everyone knows it even democrats admit it, normal democrats. They will use ANY slogan lie accusation to cause chaos BLM and Antifaa take their orders handed down from top democrats...they incite them to riot for their benefit. Personally I hope they riot [in their own democrat...
  2. RightNorLeft

    Emails reveal the RNC has known for months that trump is lying about "massive voter fraud."

    `What a ridiculous thread....there has been voter fraud and its already proven in two states...aside from that THe RNC is IRRELEVANT and anything it says...Why? Because the head of the RNC is Mitt Romneys Neice and she is a ne ver trumper....Screw the RNC and I sent their mailer asking for...
  3. RightNorLeft

    Maricopa County Board Refuses to Discuss Election Concerns, Calls for Audit to End

    Everyone knows the election was stolen and if it werent why in the world would democrats fall all over themselves refusing to allow recounts and they trying mightlily to disrupt them..because they KNOW what they did and they know if they recount it will be all exposed...
  4. RightNorLeft

    repubs preparing to attack Dr Fauci

    If the democrats had any brains they would attack him too....hes a lying sleezy mutt that covered up the truth, covered for china and his own emails prove it....he flipped and flopped and lied and lied again over and over and kept this country locked up and screwed up because thats what Obama...
  5. RightNorLeft

    FBI Director says no evidence ANTIFA was at Capitol riot

    If you listened to anything else besides Chrissy Cuomo and Lemonhead you would see theres photos of a BLM leader dressed in maga tshirt and hat at the capital and several antifa were busted on camera and video. Just like cadre of FBI lying pos who have been fired and have lost their pensions...
  6. RightNorLeft

    Number Of Illegal Alien Children Crossing The U.S. Border At All-Time High

    Actually Biden doesnt even know how to tie his shoes, the AH is oblivous to everything around him...hes a puppet and Obama is his puppeteer....Obama wants all the illegals he can get into the USA...he wants black and brown to be the majority not white people. But it will all change in...
  7. RightNorLeft

    FBI Director says no evidence ANTIFA was at Capitol riot

    Thats because the FBI is the law enforcement arm of the democrat party....the FBI was the initiators of the coup on trump with rosenstein....the fbi is worthless more than half the country doesnt trust anything they say
  8. RightNorLeft

    Pelosi: Trump Voters Fear

    I agree I have no disdain for Gays whatsoever, they are being used by democrats along with blacks and hispanic and illegal immigrants to push their agenda.
  9. RightNorLeft

    Pelosi: Trump Voters Fear

    Nonesense, what about AOC and Talib and Ihan Omar and Pressly they are insane and anti american as it gets but thiers no outrage about them just silence....because they are democrats...democrats dont care about GOP women they are just as much a target for lies, insults and fake news....
  10. RightNorLeft

    What is “Trumpism”?

    Trumpism represents Republican voters disdain and rejection from the Old neocons like GWBush who was a failure as president and the romneys and mcains and others. Trumpism is an anti idiot progressive movement that will destroy our country. Trumpism is half the country believing trump did more...
  11. RightNorLeft

    Nevada legislation would allow tech companies to create local governments

    Just so its clear the Democrat Gov of Nevada, whats to give tech companies the right to override local and county govt elected officials...There nullifying the will of the voters who legally elected those offficials to represent them. Whats next BLM and ANTIFA can have the right to override...
  12. RightNorLeft

    Pelosi: Trump Voters Fear

    Thanks for the implied insult...which is meaningless coming from you...because you dont know what youre talking about.
  13. RightNorLeft

    Pelosi: Trump Voters Fear

    It was soros idea and shoved it on merkel, it was the first step in globalizing the planet and then socializing it....I dont wish anyone harm but if soros dropped dead tomorrow I wouldnt feel bad
  14. RightNorLeft

    Pelosi: Trump Voters Fear

  15. RightNorLeft

    Pelosi: Trump Voters Fear

    I have no idea what you mean

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