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  1. red states rule

    2nd Bush term promises gloom

    The writer seems to be a very hate filled, partsian hack who lashes out in rage toward anyone who would dare disagree with him I suspect he would accuse that person of attacking his patriotism and service to the country I am not surprised none of the doom and gloom predictions did not...
  2. red states rule

    Justice Clinton?

    Correct Bill failed to take on terrorism and allowed it to grow Childs health care was nothing mroe the a step toward government run health care. My tax dollars are not needed for families making $60,000/yr to pay for their kids health ins Ah, the annual deficit is going down and...
  3. red states rule

    Bah Humbug

    Every year, the liberal media actually thinks this is a story. You the shopper are looking for deals, searching the web for the lowest price you are willing to pay, and you wait to the last minute hoping retailers will lower their prices You are a bunch Grinchs and are stealing Christmas away...
  4. red states rule

    Justice Clinton?

    Well, I am a fair guy, We should have the Bill Clinton Memorial in DC Something that captures the real legacy of Bill - and what he will be most remembered for 50 years from now
  5. red states rule

    Justice Clinton?

    They are all facts - not part of Hillary's vast right wing conspiracy. Bill brought the scrutiny on himself by lying under oath and obstructing justice Why do you think we had campaign finance reform - Bill's Chi Com money and selling the WH bedrooms to the highest bidder
  6. red states rule

    Justice Clinton?

    Yes, Bill had many accomplishments as President The only president ever impeached on grounds of personal malfeasance - Most number of convictions and guilty pleas by friends and associates* - Most number of cabinet officials to come under criminal investigation - Most number of...
  7. red states rule

    Justice Clinton?

    Several libs have posted on the thread - but their posts have nothing to do with the topic
  8. red states rule

    Justice Clinton?

    Is that the best you have Jilly? Well when libs can't debate - they do insult Nothing much has changed in the last few months
  9. red states rule

    Justice Clinton?

    What does Justice Clinton have to with playing the Nazi card? Oh yes, libs are still trying to undermine the war and surrender to the terrorists I have a thread on libs trying to protect terrorists - comment there
  10. red states rule

    Justice Clinton?

    Playing the Nazi card early in the debate - you are desperate Are you going to comment on the thread or just trying to derail it?
  11. red states rule

    Justice Clinton?

    That is why I wish iIcould be President. Libs leaving the US in huge numbers (and finding out how great America really is)
  12. red states rule

    Justice Clinton?

    Oh I am doing very well on the other board Pissing off libs over there as well
  13. red states rule

    Poll finds rebound in Bush approval numbers

    I wonder why this is happening? Progress in Iraq? A growing economy? Low interest rates? Near full emoployment? As Bush's rating go up - the Dems numbers go down Poll finds rebound in Bush approval By Jill Lawrence and Susan Page, USA TODAY WASHINGTON — Amid falling gas prices and a...
  14. red states rule

    Justice Clinton?

    I was not sure if this thread should have been put in the humor section. The thought of Bill of the SC is a sad and sick joke Justice Clinton? President Taft went on to the Supreme Court. Maybe Mrs. Clinton will park her husband...
  15. red states rule

    How Petraeus Turned Around Iraq

    In case any liberal is wondering how the hell Iraq became such a huge problem for them, I hope this helps them How Petraeus Turned Around Iraq By Trudy Rubin On Thursday, Gen. David Petraeus addressed a gathering of hundreds of Sunni sheikhs in flowing robes, including some who were...

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