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  • You could only dream to have me. I lost my dogs over the years and was at 108lbs running down roads with catahoulas.

    I'm at 110 bringing in an american black and tan from my breeder i have to rock with this pup.
    Game on and now remembered. And never forgotten. When I decide to fuck over people, it lasts a life time.

    Thanks for pissing me off.
    Sorry to hear about your wife. What you say is true. People just don't get it until it happens to them. They think because they have insurance through their employer that everything is fine and they are covered no matter what.
    they dont , i let it roll of my back.

    Its when the people on the left join them that is hurts a little.

    I am making headway though
    I had to start asking them to provide any lie of mine about a year ago becasue they told everyone on here I lied all the time.

    They have NEVER been able to produce one lie of mine.

    Some on the left here still believe them.

    I am making headway though.
    Then why do they advocate for limited or nonexsitant birth control and in the same breath say its STEALING from them to help feed and house these children with tax dollars?

    No charity has EVER in the history of man been able to feed and house all needy children.
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