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  • .....I still can't believe this shit.......ME.....the lefties here hate and fear me SO much that they actually spawned a PMed plan to collectively neg rep ho me down..........wow......am I supposed to be flattered? Lumpy, I owe you too much for opening my eyes man that=internets=serious business lol
    Your a fudge Packer Fan? Till now I thought you were an alright guy! J/K

    My thanks, rep, and rep points are off the fuckin charts, RIGHTly as it should be.:cool:

    LOL and those wackos try to CALL ME a troll.:lol::cuckoo:
    No doubt son, I agree with alot of the stuff you say. That clown Sallow has no idea what the fuck he is talking about by the way.
    I'm quite willing to bet I got maybe the highest, fastest, "thanked" ratio for a semi-new poster in like forever lol, another testament to my awesomeness.:cool:
    I have met many Iranians who moved here to the US because of the persecution they faced there, there are so many things you cannot do in Iran, you cannot listen to music unless it is religious sermons, you can't go out on dates with girls, you cannot utter 1 bad word about the current regime without being accused of being an Israeli spy etc. its a shame because I hear Iran was really nice before 1979, it was one of the best places in the Middle East until the Islamic radicals ruined it.
    Thanks for the Rep.

    I would love Jeb to run. I think he's the best and the brightest of the Bush's. Too bad he won't run for Prez. He'd sure as hell get my vote.
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