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  • I'm sure defending your racist redneck brethren becomes tiring after awhile when all the evidence starts stacking against them so quickly
    So what are your thoughts on global warming? Because if you sit there and defend everything Republicans say, you'll defend the 3% of scientists who say that it isn't real vs the 97% who say that it is. And I think if every forensic accountant delved into the accounts of the 3%, they'd find some generous 'donations' from your redneck buddies in Congress and the generous donors to their campaigns.
    The odds of 3% vs 97%??? Who do you think is telling the truth?
    In case no one's told you, there was an infamous poster here called PubliusInfinitum. He was the board's biggest conservative partisan hack, had ...colorful rhetoric and eventually had a big meltdown over a poster negging him a couple times. Then he offered a $1000 bounty on anyone who'd give him her personal info (address, real name etc.).

    He's been banned, and I'm pretty sure you're not him but due to your screen name expect to have people joke that you are a sock puppet for PubliusInfinitum.
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