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  • Thanks for the rep.
    Not a problem. Good stuff
    william the wie
    william the wie
    I served but didn't see combat, my dad was a disabled vet and we did not discuss with each other anything that we didn't know we could get from public sources. Both of my brothers and both of my grandfathers were given unrequested deferments during war so I was his favorite.
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    You know far more than I. Son served three tours in Iraq and I know he couldn’t tell us much when we spoke.
    the only doubts you should have gone now is that brady is a fraud and cheater,and not even one of the top 20 these games are fixed and as phony as pro wrestling.
    Hey my computer glitched and I meant to thank you. I changed it when I noticed it. I deserve a neg for that :lol:
    Why thenk yo! It's a bit of a chore leaving profile page messages these days. It used to be a single mouse click, now it's at least three. My finger's getting tired!

    Have a dandy week.
    I believe the artist is Yuehui Tang...his work is absolutely stunning. :)
    Well, kind of...but that is when I decided to become a paying member, the stickers were just sent to me.
    And no worries Pops..your info is always safe and secure. ;)
    No...but I did get TWO count 'em TWO bumper stickers instead of just one! :D comes administrative status...and, I love my guys that run this place and all, more power to them for doing it, but there is no way in HELL I would care to EVER try to run a forum as big as this...nope...I'd end up drinking again...and that would not be cool. :lol:
    1. :lmao:

    2. Message from The Mean Old USMB Software: You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Pop23 again.

    Hey Pops...I had to make a correction about the bold text on the board. It turns out that it's just a cookies issue.
    I am sorry for the confusion.
    But, if you still would like to become a paying member, you know where to go for the red haze look. ;)
    Oh it did! Thank you. We had everyone and their brother over yesterday...and I think we had half of the city's kids here was something else, and a good time. :)
    Sorry 'bout your luck with the fish. At least you had beer!!! :laugh:
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