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  • I understand fully, however, you are not teaching the close minded individual involved in the discussion, you are educating those who are watching from the sidelines. I have garnered many converts to good science that way on this forum. Most don't know what science truly is. they have a TV view of it. It is our job to teach them what good science is.
    You still havent answered my question, cock-knocker. Go back to the thread and counter my statement like someone who has a spine.
    Going to argue the Nazis did not exploit the theory of eugenics to justify the slaughter? Going to argue the Soviet Union did not exploit the theory of Lysenkoism to destroy their own agriculture? Going to argue that these aren't both totalitarian states? Going to argue totalitarianism is not leftwing extremism? Going to argue scientific theories have not been politicized for political gain -because I actually have several more examples of it. Then WTF are you arguing with me about? I have never made any secret about the disdain I have for people who bastardize science for political gain -and always will. If you are going to argue the facts are historically false, then take your case up with universities and colleges where history and political science are being taught because that is where these historical facts are being taught. You don't like the facts -too bad they didn't consult with you before making that history, huh.
    Thanks for the neg rep -I consider it an honor. There were NO historic inaccuracies WHATSOEVER and if you are ignorant about them, that is your own shortcoming, not mine. And I cannot believe you so totally missed it -but my condescension was for LIBERALS. Not the scientists liberals exploit for their own political gain.
    I read it just fine thank you... perhaps you should try making more sense, and take a side. Instead of trying to walk the fence with the left and the right.
    Take a stand and think for yourself, as you idiots always seem to tell us here on the right.

    Yep, I stand for The Constitution and for freedom. What do you stand for?
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