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  • You're Welcome, Peach. :)

    You can send a check or money order to:

    Forum Foundry Inc.
    PO Box 3503
    Cedar Park, TX 78630.

    Please include the forum (USMB) you are supporting/donating to, and your username on the check or money order.

    Thank you...:)
    Thanks saving that, a;so; cats are liberty loving creatures:lol: I have two outside that have me trained, but a lot less concern about what is in the woods in back, the cats jump at the doors to ALERT.
    Not finished, one of my cats came to see me and erased the 2nd part! After clicking copy, go to the USMB page you want to type on, left click the message box so you get the hash mark that shows you where the message will start, RIGHT click the mouse, should see another separate frame open up and look for PASTE, move cursor over PASTE left click, and your picture should magically appear! If it doesn't work, ask your IT guy to show you!
    I'll try & save these instructions, thank you for taking your time to instruct, this is kind of you.
    OK, try this and see if it works for you. Open one window with the picture you want from the internet. Next open another window with the USMB website on it. Go to any topic on USMB, and go post a new message, or whatever they call it. Once there, go back to the picture on the net you want, put your cursor over that picture, RIGHT click the mouse and you should see a separate frame open up with things like open link, print target etc. LOOK for the word COPY, move your cursor from the picture to that frame and left click COPY.
    You do know what a mouse is? Do you want to post a picture that you found on the internet to a post on USMB?
    Wow, you ARE computer challenged! Let's start easy, when you OPEN your computer you'll see a "e' with a band around it that looks like a Saturn ring, do you have such an icon?
    I'm softening on you, lately you've been rational. BTW if you use IE as a browser, I might be able to help you in under a minute!
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