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  • gr8 pic! Thanks for the reply to my post. check out my blog at BorderlineIQ or on facebook search my email
    Thanks, Carl Sagan was great. I tried to rep you for the post following mine about the pseudogenes, etc. etc. I have to say that I think that is the most concise and articulate argument for evolution and the scientific method that I have ever read or heard. Truly brilliant. If you aren't a professor or teacher, scientist or reasearcher, then I think you should be. That anyone can continue to remain unconvinced after such a thoroughly logical onslaught of untrammeld genius can only lead one to be convinced that you can't reason with the unreasonable. If I could rep you for that one post 100 times I would. But I just repped you like 4 times ago and "they" won't let me rep you again. But, let me tell you, every opportunity I get to rep you for that one post, I will.
    Thanks for the rep and I dig your style. Keep posting so I can continue to read some intelligent and genuinely felt articulations. I appreciate your perspective.
    We might feell embarrassed, true. But the people who typically examplify this sort of pretzel logic? The cannot be embassed because they can't think logically enough to understand how goofy it is.

    Many people are completely impervious to logical debate.

    Stupidity is their superpower

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