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  • Thanks for the REP .
    Ron Paul unfortunatly has been marginalized by the press the press wins or loses elections
    but keep on pushing for him
    Are you a male or female?

    We have found that while you are having an MS attack you must rest up but keep moving as much as possible around the house.
    When you go into remission it is very important to keep walking and using you legs. No matter how much it hurts , you have to fight it.
    you're a good kid, muskuafucka... you do realize, of course, that I'm old enough to be your daddy...

    btw, what exactly does your username mean...?
    Well, I'm certainly glad you ran right over and posted that visitor message to set me straight on your maturity level. Clearly, twelve was TOO HIGH an estimate. We'll go with ten, and falling fast.

    I'll be waiting to laugh at your next pitiful tantrum, Junior. Don't take too long.
    This coming from someone who has a photo of a harlot as her avatar. Go fuck yourself. When you go tah writin' things with credibility and substance, and stop dicking around me, I'll be your biggest fan.

    But I've been reading your bullshit for almost three years now. If you're going to bully people, go grab your thigh celulube and prepare to run along with people who counter bully.

    WAHHHHH! Go away, crybaby. You've got plenty of reputation. From where...who the hell knows. Go start that religion.
    I'm always impressed by the maturity of people who get negged, and immediately have to run out and return it. What are you, twelve? Grow up.
    everyone needs to vent sometime...I think you are a true friend. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of those around today.
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