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  • Snouter may be the DA regular that posts here. I have no idea where anyone else went. Hope all is well with you.
    What's up? Farnsworth from DA here. Do you happen to know where Pappy&Me is posting now? If so, send her a hello and hope she's doing fine from me if you wouldn't mind. I have no idea if there is an alternate board they all posted on or not, but it would be fun to troll Pedo Teller again, the sick little freak. I would have PM'ed this, but I don't know how with this board's software.

    Anyways. hope you're doing okay.
    Hey Friendo! Good to see you here. :) And yes, we have plenty of Moonbat Losers here with raging BDS and PDS.
    You DO? You have?

    Like what? I'm astonished, because I'm not posting much octopron....
    Metzor you was here just a couple of days ago and didn't say, "Hello?"

    Fuck it, I'm drinking the six pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon I've been saving for you!
    I'm getting tired of the dumb ass liberals on DA. I will start hanging out here more.
    Are you so freakin' actively engaged dicking around on IKARIAM hat you cannot dick around here?

    Where are your priorities?
    It's up to you. You've gone inactive and you probably been pillaged several times, but you can rebuild. ADAM and the boys are threatening to join FFH. We have peace with -C- for a couple more weeks.
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