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  • You are welcome to report me for harassment. I will welcome an opportunity to compare my comments, messages to you with anything you have sent me. Would you like me to contact a Mod for you?
    I'm sorry but I just don't get it. What is this about you and scatology? Is that your full time job, or just a hobby?
    Ah, but you are NOT me...and for that good fortune, I thank the Gods. I don't believe I would ever want to even be associated with someone who comes across as you do on message boards. But, tell me. Do you get positive results with your behavior? How's it working for you?
    Well, you seem to like my stuff and I sure thank your for helping me out. I spent today with my daughter and her family, my grandchildren just plain wore me out. I liked your post on the mental patient posing as a Marine, I tried to rep you but couldn't , said I had to spread it around, sorry, that sucks. catch you latter...Lumpy
    Just dropped by say hello and thanks. I like to read more of your stuff, you ought to start some threads. Well catch you later,...Lumpy
    I see you and I are in the same boat, (weeny reps.), thanks, after all it's the thought that counts... I hope I haven't confused you. I really do appreciate it,....:popcorn:,,,Lumpy
    Thanks, when you leave reputation it says from whom, you don't need to leave a signature. ;)
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