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    America worships the black man more than God

    I agree with your last comment, StrollingBones, and I haven't been a member that long, either. Briget? There is nothing uglier than a bigot on a full tilt rant. It makes me feel dirty just reading your trash. It's sort of funny you use John to make your point, especially since he is...
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    What is 'Love'?

    Someone I know once gave the most concise definition of love I have heard: Love is when the other person's needs, wants and desires are as important, or more important, to you than your own. So, without going into all the different types of love a person can experience, I think the above...
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    OK I call out Connery

    My thoughts are to debate whether Women in Iran will ever achieve social equality. Not in your lifetime. (Unfortunately.) Look at Saudi Arabia, which could be considered much more lenient than Iran. It was considered a big deal last week when 100 or so women drove their cars without...
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    What kind of church do you go to?

    My membership is with the Brethren, but I presently live in an area with no local churches established by them, so I go to meetings with the Friends in this area when I can. K.
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    How can you build virtue in your life?

    You've given a task without enough parameter, Avatar! :) I think virtues are worked on within a lifetime and are never 'complete'. Why not pick a virtue that resonates with your soul and then learn all you can about what that particular virtue means. Then, take a good look at your...
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    In a way I understand the people who take the Bible literally

    CMike, When you replied by saying King David wrote in a flowery, poetic way, you were actually agreeing with what I said - not every single verse of the Book is intended literally. Knowing this does not take away the Book's authority or hinder someone from using it properly. Jeremiah...
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    Was Jesus Black, Mixed, or White?

    In case I have misread the intent or intentions of posters here, I'd like to leave one more comment: There are no races - there is only ONE human race and divisions between groups are man-made distinctions. There is no scientific reason to say there is more than one race. Because of...
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    Was Jesus Black, Mixed, or White?

    While it doesn't matter to me personally, I will agree it matters to some other folks. I would also remark on Asclepias question about why would someone create a European image of Christ by saying it's a way of owning him. When I was in school, most of the images of Christ were white...
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    In a way I understand the people who take the Bible literally

    Hi Mike, You said: I am jewish and we take the bible literally. Reply: But I am sure there are some things you don't take literally - for instance, is everything in poems that are written in the Bible taken literally? When David said darkness was his best friend, was that metaphor...
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    In a way I understand the people who take the Bible literally

    Here is my take on your question, John Sweeting: You probably know some of this, but since I do not know you, I'll include it just in case: The Bible is actually 66 different books with many different authors spanning a large amount of time. In this complied book, there are many...
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    Joel Osteen

    Sunni Man said: Joel Osteen is one of the 'New Age' type of inspirational preachers. Lots of pop psychology with just a smidgen of Bible teaching in order to qualify as a church. . Reply: He may very well be - like I said, I know very little about him and wasn't impressed by the one...
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    Joel Osteen

    That was a good article, BD Boop! For the record, I don't know much about Osteen - I've never read his books; I've listened to one sermon he gave and I thought it was sort of 'fluffy', but I also realize that is my own personal opinion on the matter. But, addressing the points the...
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    History Quiz - Who Said It?

    I was referring to the three journal writers. I asked whether they lived or died because I realized the question changed how I thought about the quotes. K.
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    Why do so many people deny climate change

    No, the computer I am typing on is the result of a couple of individuals pursuing a great idea in their garage. Government would have never willingly handed over this sort of power to the public. It was only their profound lack of foresight that allowed those two guys in the garage to fully...
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    History Quiz - Who Said It?

    Did these pilots survive the war?

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