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  • Thanks for the neg. It shows I am hitting home runs. Truth obviously hurts your feelings. Good. A neg from you is better than a pos from an intelligent USMB member.
    lol! Yea i hear ya. Lots of Big Government Goose Steppers on this board. I caught the paid Government Spam-Bot on your thread though. I'm a message board veteran so i can usually spot them. Their replies are usually very short and they usually start making those "Nutter" & "Wingnut" accusations. It's their way of trying to marginalize and discredit anyone who doesn't tow the Government-line. But there's a more serious aspect to it. They do report posters to Government officials. Keep in mind,they are being paid. It's their job. I put the bot on ignore so i wouldn't be tempted to reply. They're just baiting you. Anyway,thanks for the great post. See Ya.
    Thanks for the read! I am familiar with it, I was very involved in the party about 10 years ago, even was interviewed in the newspaper about it since it's not a common party here in Indiana.
    "get off the dumbass train please...."

    You, sir, are a Great American! And so witty.
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