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  • Heya. Thanks for Rep *smiles* Pay no mind to what I say, half the time, I don't know what I mean to say or is it...I don't say what I mean....Hmmmmm ~LoL~
    You're a troll no wonder everyone in the forum is playing with your ass on your own profile you're a straight up loser
    i see your winning

    i am so upset over kiva....the 23% interest shit really bothers me....

    i am looking into other charities
    Your the fucking cock gobbling fuckin weirdo troll faggot u and high gravity talk a lot about cock queers
    You are utterly unimpressive. I think you need to come to grips with it. But if I choose to impart this wisdom on your dopey ass in REPLY to you anytime you care to go to the VM, then why I choose to do so is not your concern, you petty ass whining pussy. You have no ethics. You are a living compromise. You pretend to be repelled by some course language, but you keep coming back for more and you persist in your baselessly supercilious behavior. In case you have any doubt, be advised, it's perfectly clear on the face of every one of your posts and VMs. I have offered YOU advice on how even a lowlife gasbag like ou can be a better person. But you are too stubborn, willful and arrogant to listen. It's ok. I will continue to impart wisdom on you, you smarmy lowlife gasbag; like pearls before swine. Someday, with God's grace, maybe even YOU will find enough humility to open your dopey ears enough to listen. No need to thank me, you painfully prissy pansy. :cool:
    If I'm so unimpressive, why are you concentrating so much of your ire on me? Are you trying feebly to say I should be cruder, ruder, less articulate and generally meaner to appeal to the likes of you? Why should I compromise my ethics to sink to your level?

    I'm trying to help you be a better person, but you obviously think that the way you conduct yourself is some sort of "Gold Standard". Well, it is. But it is the Gold Standard of the crude, the rude and the selfishly ignorant. You are beyond redemption.
    Aww. Poor booh booh. Nosmo is all upsetty wetty. Listen, dick face, you don't impress almost anybody else, not counting you, of course. Your opinion means next to nothing to me. It would mean absolutely nothing but for the fact that your whining sissy ass sanctimony is worthy of some open derision. Again, grow the fuck up and grow some nadz, you punk ass loser. And stop whining. Alternatively, go with that whole hose idea. You dopey bitch.
    The day I take advice from you as to mature comportment is the day I fit my tailpipe with a hose and shut the garage door. You do not impress me, or anyone else with a whit of common sense, as a very mature, eloquent, admirable or respectable human.
    You know it, Nosmo Queen. Not everyone is a pretentious piece of crap like you. You are entitled to be an self-satisfied, smirky, sanctimonious gasbag, but your vaunted opinion of yourself is not justified on the basis of your agreement with you. What you truly need to do is grow up a lot and grow some balls, too. Stop being such a prissy pussy. THAT is what's known as good and honest advice, chump.
    "queer quiff gay faggot pussy motherfucker bitch-ass punk."

    Well said! What brilliance! You MUST be a smart grown-up worthy of respect. Such eloquence is to be admired and a true asset to the board. You must be so proud.
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