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  • I hear you on that. If I had to classify myself into a political "group" the closest to my views is libertarian.

    It all depends on the issue but my core concerns with the government are keeping taxes on us as low as possible without creating budget defecits and adhering to the constitutional limits that the federal government was framed with.

    As long as we follow #2 all other concerns with the federal government, in my opinion, would cease to exist.
    your posts in that thread are good. You at least form an honest opinion with and are not overly rude in the face of some of what is being said.

    I dont agree with every word but I dont need to in order to know your actually forming your own opinions instead of spouting off whatever sound bite is most popular this week.
    I got banned from his show when he first started... I quoted Senator Byrd (D-KKK) and he Denied it... Also Denied that he was in KKK, etc... I was like, "You have a Talk Show and you are this Ignorant of History?"... Caller after Caller Hammered him... Tried for a while to get back on, and his Producer would tell be to get bent and Hang-up on me...
    I take very little to nothing, personally here. Have you seen what idiots here post to get my attention or what they post in order to join pathetic cliques for cover form my attentions once they get it?

    I get loads of sun. I am able to post and go out and come back in and post and go out. try it some time. or do you have to wait for your wet nurse to take you out?
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