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  • Progressive/liberal/Community organizing Forum Strategy 101 is salunsky's rules for radicals......

    I like to use 5 & 6 the most against liberal/islamic ilk...:cool:
    Conservative Forum Strategy 101

    1. put liberals on the defensive by throwing out "accusations" that have no basis in fact - the more outrageous the better

    2. sit back and watch the liberals scurrying around trying to refute them

    3. dispute and question the validity of any data source liberal's cite

    4 make no attempt to provide liberals with reliable sources or references

    5. don't bother reading liberal responses - responding to facts is a "fools'" game for liberals

    6. repeat the same argument over and over again (researching and debating are not conservative strong points)

    7. before the liberals totally "debunk" the original thread, conservatives should post another thread(s) thereby starting the whole process all over again

    8.. "flooding" the forum with "right-wing" threads is the easiest way of setting the agenda

    9. liberals will always look for signs of "intelligent life" in conservative threads - where none exists
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