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  • thanks for the rep dear

    I guess you can tell there is nothing about Obama I like...I was a bartender for over 20 years and can read people right from the get go...I don't care for him as a President or a person...and as you see, I'm a no sugar coating or pussy footen in how I feel old gal...
    up front honest though
    thanks again:smiliehug:
    Thanks for the Rep JH.

    I hope Newt does get the nom. I would pay money to see the debate between he and Barry Boy. LOL
    I know this race is really important to you. I would guess that this program will eliminate at least 60-80,000 folks from the rolls. . . . If it’s a close race, which I’m assuming it is, this could keep the black vote down considerably

    A Guide to Voter Caging | Brennan Center for Justice

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    ty for the rep!
    I think that twit has me on ignore. that or she learned I'm too much for her.
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