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  • You are responsible for what you post. You were warned by both me and by the Mods to change one of your comments, and you refused to do so. "report away" you said. So I did. If you are banned, it is 100% your own fault. I have no idea which Mod banned you, nor do I care.
    Rather than send my whiny messages, I suggest you make a choice. Stick to off-topic feuding and lying and accept the neg rep that comes with it like a man. Or post like an adult, and enjoy better rep. It's your choice.
    If family is off limits, then why do you deliberately make them part of the insult festival? Oh wait, you're just lying about thinking family is off limits. You use your family as a tool for your games. I mean, if you're going to pass along insults from your son, you'd think you wouldn't get upset about getting a little jab back. But then, that would require a sense of decency on your part.

    You are quite the spectacular coward for hiding behind your son to hurl insults. I thought I'd seen all forms of cowardice on the internet before, but never before have I seen a parent take cover behind their child. Congratulations, you've set a new low. When your vendetta against me has you tossing your own kid under the bus, you may want to rethink how you're behaving.
    you are a troll.You post juvenile childish crap without even reading the thread title or looking at the facts as evidenced on this thread.Your as bad as agent didnt even bother to read what the thread title just looked at my user name and posted there without looking at my wouldnt last one minute in a debating hall troll.
    I am not responsible for anyone else negging'll have to contact them yourself if you feel you are being treated unfairly. You are, by any standard, one of the weakest posters on the board, and at some level you must realise that yourself.
    It isn't my intention to endlessly neg-rep anyone because I think it's pointless to do so, and because I have you on ignore, I'm unlikely to neg rep you often in any case. In this case there was around 10 days between the 2 neg reps.

    I don't neg-rep you because of your opinons - only because you never seem to address the topic, and largely spam threads with nonsense. Stick to the topic, and you won't get neg repped.
    Im sorry you think I am a douchebag. I wish you could actually make logical points and respond to criticism in a productive fashion but I am not holding out for that because I dont feel that you are mentally capable of it
    Well, ok.. Son's got a decent bat so far. They have 3 wins and 3 losses so far. not great but not tragic. How have you been?
    No problem, sometimes you just have to vent! And we've allways got your back! And thank you!
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