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  • Why won't you fuck off? What part of standing for limited government+conservatism don't you understand? I can't help that 90% of blacks want the government to do everything for them.
    Just ATM, I have my PMs set so that only a contact or Mod can send them to me. I have sent you a friend request, but meanwhile, here's a VM you can reply to...just remember these are not private, k?
    You're obsessed with me every since I came here and the only person keeping me from opening a can of whoop ass on you is Charlie and your own naive self.
    Let's consider the evidence.... Do I have silly childish comments about you in my sig? No. Do I make reference to you in my strap? No. The obsession is yours, little boy. But yea, you are gonna get negged. Regularly. Until you learn not to spout lies about me. Got that? You're an offensive little shit.... I use you as a chew toy.
    Perhaps if you weren't such an arrogant little shit, I might be nicer to you. What the hell difference does it make anyway? I'm nothing more than an anonymous poster on a message board.
    You're a fucking moronic little ass, fail. You accuse others of racism and have no fucking idea what you're talking about 'I can't be racist because I'm black' - what a moronic statement. Black are just as capable of racism than any other race. Idiot. Being black doesn't exclude you from judging others on their race. You do it constantly, and you're not smart enough to recognize it. You racist little moron. Now, fuck off leaving me visitor messages. Asshole. Your opinion is worthless.
    Apologize to me and I will no longer call you a racist. Racists falsely call other people racists because they're racists themselves except in this case because I am mixed so I can't be racist, just like POTUS but claims black. An apology from you was all that was needed but you took this far.
    For the record: You're gonna be a dumbass all your life. You wouldn't recognize a racist if they handed you a KKK business card. Moron. "I can't be racist, I date white women".... isn't that what you said? Well, my deceased fiance was - like the POTUS - part black, so I can't be a racist either! Cuz, unlike you, I actually would have married one!

    You're making a fool of yourself..... You admitted that the only evidence you have that I'm a racist is because I called your messiah a racist. You're embarrassingly stupid.
    For the record, I just checked with my SO.... who also happens to be a US Army Major.... what the 'This' means in 'This we'll defend'.... his response.... 'the country, the constitution'. Sucks to be you. You don't even know what you're serving. But, again, thank you for your service. And, feel free to withdraw your accusations or accept that I'm gonna keep bitching at you until you prove it or back it up.
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