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  • i see the truth hurts the agent trolls feelings.poor troll baby,looks like you will have to go cry to the mods again like the crybaby you are.dont expect them to side with you this time though child,you just got lucky last time.hee hee. surprised to see paulitian on your friends list since he is a truth seeker on 9/11 and other governemnt corruption that your handlers pay you to troll and tryu to derail.

    two farts in a row from the agent trolls.

    the coincidence theorists of course will say that in the movie the dark knight which shows the lights on top of a building flashing AURORA and then when the police are looking for the VILLIAN of the film,the police chief then points to a map and even puts his finger on it and it says sandy hook,that its all just that of course,a coincidence.
    Hi there -I would use hotels, as you are not there very long, but I am sure you could rent an apartment in Dubrovnik, for instance, if you wanted. There are lots of apartments for short term rent in the islands.
    Not bad at the moment. I see you've been hitting the conspiracy threads. Good. they always need a fresh spanking. But if you just want to shoot the shit and stay away from the controversy and the madness sometimes, go into the coffee shop thread where people talk about everything except politics and religion....where even people who disagree get along....
    Anyway, welcome to the board, I hope you enjoy it.... I write on 4 different boards and am an admin on one, but i've been with this board the longest...
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