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  • Wear 4 iz yuo be going?

    Iz dere noting for yuo being grate Concern Troll aboot wen no lection, shuddown or d-fawlt??
    i hope your right man. he need ohio at least. fiordia outside shot as conservative dominated bar 2008 . He need though polls move little bit back his way over next few days . if not then worry man

    next debate next week is also vital man. it cover overseas but romney will go after him on libya. Gop want to nail him on that so he better be ready for that attack. He got to prepare even harder for that debate then he did last nights. Don,t let romney dominate which he loves to do both in gop primarys and prediential races.
    He will get both Ohio and Florida. The polls next week will show it...remember that.

    Election Forecasts - FiveThirtyEight Blog -
    Hmm__ I apologize if I'm wrong. Someone said I broke a rule and posted it. Must've been someone else. I'll positive you down the road.
    thank you very much bigfoot for the very nice welcome. Also thank you for the very kind words. You and others have been very civil in your behavior on here to me and i hope i return the favour when i am on here. We probally will have very different views politically but i fully agree should never stop us from having a civil and constructive debate . So thanks
    Welcome to the mad house which is USMB. I have noticed from you're first few posts that you are a thoughtful person. While I doubt that we will agree on much politically I do think that we can both agree that points can be made with some civility. I have noticed that you are civil to folks and that is nice to see here, may you find some in return.
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