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  • So in conclusion it still sounds like a sick story. Adults have alot of authority over kids we can't let them abuse.
    The Supreme Court did criticize Cecava for not doing a better job of publicly explaining why she granted probation with her failure to do so leaving the "small size" issue as the only one for the media to pick up on.


    PS The article doesnt explain what kind of sexual assault he was convicted of- I mean, was it a baseless charge by a 17 year old girl - he touched my boobs?

    Or was he spanking 8 year old boys and rubbing them????

    This could still be one sick dude with just BS "experts" he chose.
    Voters don't retain District Judge Cecava
    November 05, 2008
    Voters in the 12th Judicial District have decided against retaining District Judge Kristine Cecava of Sidney. Cecava was sharply criticized by many...including Attn Gen Jon Bruning...two years ago for granting probation to convicted sex offender Richard Thompson.

    As part of her justification for the sentence, the one-time Keith County Attorney said she was afraid Thompson's small size would put him at physical risk in the general prison population.

    Bruning appealed, seeking a prison term, but both the Nebraska Court of Appeals and Supreme Court ruled probation was fully justified.

    The courts said Cecava had several valid reasons for granting probation, including a presentence report recommending it and findings by experts that Thompson was unlikely to be repeat offender because he was neither a pedophile or sexual predator.
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