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  • It seems to me that the government can end the concrete core controversy by producing the original stamped structural plans for WTC 1 & 2. Too bad they allowed the 9/11 Commission to investigate the case without supplying them with the actual approved plans as the foundation of all actions, whether controlled demolition, built to demolish or contributive suicide plane crashes. All of it hinges on a strong case for a courtroom instead of a commission.
    That's your lie, CriscoFEARa. No concrete above ground level. The core was all steel. You know it too. But you are too deeply and determinedly dishonest to ever admit it.
    Correct. The core was like a big piece of RCP, reinforced concrete pipe, but rectangular.
    There were only steel columns surrounding it. They were of the inner wall of the outer steel frameworks that held the floors.
    I just dont know what you were saying was the lie. But I think i figured it out last night. YOu are saying there was no steel column supports but instead concrete? Right?
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