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  • I will admit the Word Liberal is miss-Used often, even by me. In fact I myself hold very Liberal Views on many issues. But on this board when people say the Liberals, or the Cons, they are usually referring to the Far left or far right.
    Many, many times I have differentiated between self defined conservatives, Callous Conservatives, neo-conservatives and RINOs; so I can excuse your misunderstanding if you have not read my posts in the past. That aside, in your PM to me you called me a "liberal" and I suspect we have a much different idea of the meaning of the word.

    I shared mine in terms of conservative, it means many different things; now tell me what you mean by "liberal"?
    Like I said, You didn't not specify who you were talking about. You clearly stated that all Conservatives were that way. Then you cry and claim I am insulting you, then tell me to grow up, which of course is an insult.

    Now you say conservatives are callous. Like I said, You have no idea what real conservatives thinks.
    So, instead of responding in a rational manner you resort to another childish and clumsy rant. Because you feel I insulted you (the Me, myself and I of which I wrote) you take my comment personally. Grow up and consider someone other than yourself. Of course, then you will no longer be a callous conservative and have joined the set of normal human beings.
    My post that core conservative values can be understood just as I posted, "Me, myself, and I", is based on my reading of the self defined conservatives who post here. To neg me based on my experience is childish and accomplishes nothing. If you have an honest retort, and can give me evidence that conservatives aren't as I suggest, do so! To deny that the conservative element is anything but selfish and mendacious is ridiculous, IMO, and your reaction does nothing to disabuse me of that observation either.

    You ever see the old Gong Show? The Unknown Comic yells CHUCKY CHUCKY CHUCKY CHUCKY CHUCKY while thrusting his pelvic regions. Damn funniest thing I ever saw. Anyhow that's why...
    Your last message surprises me. I had no such illusions tha Obama would succeed. I took the statement by the republicans upon the day of his innaugeration that they would ensure he had no success seriously. Interesting though that you wanted him to succeed. I did misunderestimate you.
    Relax dude. I'm just having fun on a Saturday morning before the good college football games come on. It's just the internet. I'm offering an opposing perspective to all the hyperbole in the media and the board about what happened in Bengahzi. I don't pretend my stupid thread has any special signifigance.
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