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  • Nice to hear from you
    Thanks. Haven't been here in quite a long time. Been over at Political Jack messageboard mainly. One of the people there mentioned he's started coming here so I thought I'd try it out again. Looks like a lot of the same people :). Most have forgotten me though I'm sure!
    The Dentist I had didn't "make" the teeth. He just did the impressions, then made the adjustments needed when they were being fitted. Good luck and let us know what you decide! :)
    Denturist is the one who makes the teeth. I suppose it really doesn't matter. My dentist wants me to go through him but making teeth and fitting them is not a dentist's expertise, I don't think. It's a denturists...that's why they're all in the business. I guess I answered my own question. Thanx Caroljo for replying. It sure alleviated some of the stress.
    Caroljo...gee I hope you don't get all kinds of messages. I haven't a clue whether any of these are getting through. haha Should I go to a dentist or denturist?
    Belated thanks for the rep. I'm so far behind in giving thanks. New puppy keeping me really busy:)

    There are so many stupid talking points in favor of killing a baby. I prefer the ones in favor of saving the baby. :)
    sorry, maybe I misunderstood. I will give you a rep + on one of your future posts to balance it out.
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