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  • Where did you get the avy?
    It looks like a pirate flag to answer the skull & cross bones
    Thanks for the rep. I'm in agreement with you on Obama. He's a politician and no politician 'forgets' anything. Everything they do, they do with forethought. :)
    Thanks for the rep Brian. I'm looking for that thread youm were talking about. I'm on page 5 right now. boy, I just lost it with rocks. I get tired of his rhetoric. I've posted sources, and he comes back that their oil company funded sources. Their not.... Thanks again.
    Thanks for the kudos and the heads up. I've been on these boards before. I know the kind of dork I'm playing with. The reply wasn't really for his benefit. It was more for others reading the thread. I wouldn't expect intellectual honesty from most people posting on the other It's all about having fun. I doubt I'll change anyone's political beliefs. Thanks again!
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